Taste Central New Arrivals

Taste Central: The Official Retail Partner of Deal Grocer (Plus a giveaway, too!)

Taste Central, from looking at the website alone, exhibits good taste. This site is the official retail partner of Deal Grocer (which I really love, BTW!). I was not surprised that the site was very easy to navigate, since I also love the user interface of Deal Grocer. Upon seeing the site, knowing that Taste Central is the retail partner of Deal Grocer and most especially, after browsing through the products, I wanted to shop already!
Specialty Flower Bows - Brittany Bow (Php 310)

Celestina & Co. Accessories for Little Girls

5 more days to go before I get to know the gender of my baby. I'm so excited. The little baby is kicking more often now and it's getting stronger. I love it when he or she kicks. My hubby, Ej, wants us to have a boy (I think husbands want little boys to be their first born). I would be happy with a boy or a girl, as long as we have a healthy baby. If it were a girl, i'd love for it to be a 'kikay' and fashionista baby, just like her aunt, Manila Shopaholic girl. I've seen these cute hair accessories for little girls at Celestina & Co. and I just adore them!