Congratulations first batch of the Blogging: The Formula for Success Workshop!

Blogging: The Formula for Success Workshop with Anton Diaz

I love hearing inspiring words from others, especially when it comes to starting their own businesses. As I listened to Anton Diaz's talk on Blogging last Friday, I wanted very much to be like him. I wanted to earn from doing the thing that I am most passionate about, which was Blogging. I agree with him that if you have got to earn to live, why not do it doing the thing that you love the most?

Impact: A Fashion and Communication Workshop

I am so excited for this! Have you ever seen someone and admired the way she dresses? Have you ever opened your closet and wondered why you had so many stuff and yet only 1/3 really gets worn? Have you ever listened to a presentation and wondered how a speaker can get so good at convincing people and wondered where the confidence comes from? Have you ever gone to a job interview or even a casting go see and no matter how many you go to, you never get picked?
Top Shot: Basic Photography Workshops

Basic Photography Classes from Red Sheep Photography

I have always admired photographers. If I had the chance, I would really want to learn the use of each function of my camera. I feel, at times, I don't get to maximize it. I wonder how others can come up with great photos, even when using the same camera as mine. Do you feel the same way? If you do, I'd like to share this workshop with you. It's called the Top Shot Basic Photography Workshop from Manila Workshops.
Studio SnR Spaces

Studio SnR: A Space to hold Trial Sessions for Hair Stylists and Make up Artists

One barrier for some makeup artists and hair stylists is having a venue where they can hold trial make up and hair sessions with clients. Thank heavens for companies who help entrepreneurs and listen to their needs. I wanted to share this since Studio SnR Spaces thinks of all of these things. Aside from holding workshops, seminars and providing the venue for companies to conduct their training sessions, they are now offering their spaces to makeup artists and hair stylists to use.

Productive Pinoy: Book on Time Management, Money and Living a Meaningful Life

When I was young, I loved reading. I loved reading fiction. I loved reading all those Sweet Valley High pocket books and I completed the Nancy Drew series. Now, I prefer finance, productivity, management and marketing books. There is something about these books that make you feel richer, more productive and empowered during and after reading them. Recently, I just finished reading a book entitled Productive Pinoy – Time Management, Money and Living a Meaningful Life. The author is a Pinoy named Yeng Remulla.