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Into The Greenzone Palawan Islands Coffee Table Book

Among a bunch of books at home, I was scavenging and looking for the perfect coffee table book. I was frustrated since I couldn't find one that I like to use for our newly moved-in condo unit. It has been my goal to make our home our project for the past weeks. Then, I heard a doorbell. I received my copy of the Into The Greenzone Palawan Islands. I was so happy!

Cooking In Your Hotel Room

Most of the time, breakfast is included in hotel stays. There will be times, though, when it is not -- when you're on a really tight budget or if the coupon you purchased didn't include breakfast. Fortunately, you don't have to go hungry -- you can cook your own breakfast (and other meals) in your hotel room!
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Bella Rocca: An Amazing Vacation

Loved the R&R time in Bella Rocca, Marinduque. The place is really for relaxing and for resting. What we did for the three days was just bask under the sun, do water activities, eat, go to the gym, eat, watch dvds that you can rent, and eat again. That's basically what you will be doing, and we all loved it!