Ox Tongue

Detour Discovery: Le Bistro D’Agathe

Bistro means a small restaurant which is mostly used in Europe.  Agathe is the name of the daughter of French Chef Patrice Delobbe, the owner of the place.  The place isn't as stiff as your fine dining restaurant,  but it is cozy.  Entering the place reminds me of a visit to a friends' place, where your food is cooked and sometimes served by the host (owner) himself. (continue reading)

BOHOL: Making the Most Out of a 3D2N Stay (Day 1)

Planning a weekend getaway in Bohol? I'm sharing this great Bohol adventure. My adventure starts at the Tagbilaran Airport. We then made our way to Bohol Bee Farm. The rest of my day involves going through a Bohol man-made rainforest, visiting a Butterfly Garden, checking out the famous Tarsiers, cruising the Loboc River and visiting one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Read all about it!
Kalderetang Kambing

Antonio’s Grill Tagaytay

My family and I decided to have a day trip to Calaca, Batangas. One way to go there is through Tagaytay. Since it was around 11 pm and everybody had not had anything to eat yet, we decided to have brunch at Antonio’s Grill. Check out what we ordered!
Top: Papaitan P245

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

I am a fan of Manila Reviews, and my ultimate dream is to write an article for this site. I literally forced Ginger to post this in Manila Reviews. My Saturday lunch is always spent with my significant other. The choice of where to eat lunch is an hour debate, but last week was different. We arrived in Greenbelt 3 and I immediately saw Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, The Ilocano Northshore Grill.