It does not matter whether you prefer whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, wine, or beer – the fact remains that there are some noticeable changes in the alcohol business today. In the Philippines, liquor enterprises have seen a great growth since the millennial age begun.


Though the liquor business has been around the market for quite a time now, there has been some enticing trends that made it more noticeable and well-known in the market today. This is why we have compiled some of the trends that is truly changing the liquor industry now.

Whiskey Diversifies and Grows

One of the most famous liquor of today is Bourbons, Rye, and Scotch. This is because millennials have been a great enthusiast of these drinks and they have influenced other people to drink these alcohol beverages. This increasing appreciation for these liquor drinks greatly helped revived the whisky industry, and its showing obvious signs that it will never slow down.

Since its introduction in the liquor world, flavored whiskeys is on the rise since the success of Sazerac’s Fireball Cinnamon. This innovative delicious drink has spiked up other brands to make a drink similar to the Fireball Cinnamon. Jägermeister and Jack Daniel’s has produced their own version of spiced alcohol variants, as well as other liquor producers.

In addition, millennials and other people who prefers and enjoys flavored whiskey are known as the experimental and adventurous consumers. This only testifies that the whiskey industry is a top hit not only in millennials but to the whole liquor enthusiast community as well.


Craft Beers: Hit or Flop?

Craft beer is an alcoholic beverage that is crafted and produced in the traditional way driven by a small brewery company. But defining craft beer can be a little tough because, one, it is subjective and very personal to the consumers, and two, every beer brand has its own characteristic that makes them as one of a kind.

However, the liquor industry has made craft beers became more popular because it offered the alcohol industry the traditional alcohol experience, only better. This is why it has strongly appealed to liquor consumers, claiming that they like the “local feeling” that they procure in craft beers.


Wine is the Still the Winner

Along with other alcoholic beverages, wine has just proved that they are still in the race as one of the biggest trend in the liquor industry – all thanks to their loyal fans. For this reason, more wine companies have created premium wines in order to cater to their loyal customers. As a result, more and more people had considered wine as one of their favorite every day drinks.


How Tequila’s Sun Rose

It is known that whiskey enthusiasts are more likely to be tequila drinkers, too. Well it seems a fact since premium tequila has been making a name of its own in the liquor industry today – all thanks to famous brands such as Patron and Casamigos – since it helped the classic Mexican drink to escalate in the liquor competition.

As a result, more and more people – the millennials in particular – has embraced tequila as a premium product, too. The generation today has greatly helped other people to appreciate the intricately crafter drink. Because of this, many tequila brands have incessantly done their job excellently by highlighting several artisanal traditions and handmade qualities that this Mexican spirit has.


Experimentation and Learning

It is true that the liquor categories and brands are inspired by the customers’ liquor choice through their experimentation. The millennials, who are obviously the top influencers, are the ones who inspires and motivates other people to these spirit drinks. They help drive other people to experiment and learn new alcohol drinks.

This is why being well-educated about these things are important. Consumers love to learn new things; they want to be educated about the background and history of what they are drinking.

Key Takeaway

The liquor industry has truly evolved throughout the years. This spirit drinks have been recreated to its best versions yet. This is why everyone is encouraged to be knowledgeable and well-educated about the alcohol beverage industry so that more and more people can contribute to its growing business.


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