You’re tired of your daily routine, you’re in a rut and you’re dying to get out of it. What you need is a vacation, but not just any other trip, you need to get your passport ready because what you need is to go to a different country. You need to immerse yourself in new cultures, try to speak different languages and stuff yourself with different cuisines. It’s time for you to add some stamps to your passport and cross off a few new things off of your bucket list. Especially with our Filipino passport there are many countries to choose from that you don’t even need a visa to enter.



If Peru wasn’t the first country that came to mind that won’t be a surprise, but Peru has been really investing more on their tourism efforts. Peru offers a lot of sights with the Nazca Lines, Matchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley it’s a backpacker’s dream. Add on that your Philippine passport lets you stay for more than 180 days, you have all the time in the world to discover every nook and cranny.



A Philippine passport grants you a 30-day visa in Thailand which is more than enough time to experience the rich culture. The great thing about Thailand is the mix of food and scenery, they have mountains to trek and beaches to swim in. It’s great for first time travelers because of how strong its tourism industry is so you’ll have your pick of guides and services at reasonable rates.



Singapore HDBs, shopping malls and corporate office buildings conquer the skies of this country but its real beauty is seen on the ground floor. The streets of Singapore are littered with different cuisines from the different races that occupy this small city-state. Good thing your passport gives you a 30-day visa to try as much food as you want and experience all the different cultures here.


With more than 18,000 islands you’re sure to find something to keep you busy. Islands mean beaches and Indonesia is abundant in beautiful beaches. They also have their own collection of ancient temples and natural wonders such as parks, volcanoes and waterfalls. Good luck squeezing in everything you want to do in the free 30-day visa you’ll get.


If big cities and is not your cup of tea, visiting a country with temple ruins and open landscapes could be your best option. The Siem Reap is a beautiful temple, the pride of Cambodia and exploring this structure is the getaway you need. The locals in Cambodia are also a very welcoming bunch; they are also very fluent in English so it’s a great option for first timers. Your Philippine passport also entitles you to 21 days which gives you more than enough time to explore and mingle.
As a Filipino citizen, you have been granted the incredible privilege to travel to numerous countries without a visa. Make sure to take advantage of this and experience what the world has to offer, one trip may be all you need to reset yourself and find that new energy to conquer your daily tasks.

*Guest Post by Larisse

About the Author:
Larisse is a full-time foodie, blogger and professional cakemaker. She makes a living making personalized cakes in Paranaque. She blogs to relax and express her thoughts in her website: Larisse Gastronomique. She’s also known for her love of cheese and weird appreciation of odd humor.

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