There are popular destinations near Metro Manila that locals and foreigners can visit and enjoy anytime. From humongous shopping malls to astonishing museums, topnotch entertainment establishments to vast recreation parks – Metro Manila has them all!


Do you know that there are also numerous notable sites outside the Metro? It’s true; Metro Manila doesn’t corner the market when it comes to famous travel destinations. Tagaytay, Batangas, and Zambales have plenty to offer in terms of marvelous views, relaxing atmospheres, and exciting adventures. As a matter of fact, these places are considered as some of the best road trip destinations outside of the Metro. What are you waiting for? Explore the Philippines with your Toyota Altis today! Invite your friends and go on a memorable road trip in the following destinations that are near Manila:




Tagaytay is probably one of the very first places that come to mind when ‘South of Manila’ is mentioned. This city is not just a popular holiday destination; road trip enthusiasts also love visiting this cold destination.

Spend a quiet morning hanging out with your friends in one of Tagaytay’s many parks. Let the cool air embrace you as you sip your coffee or hot chocolate and gaze at the people passing by. For lunch, drive to Buon Giorno and try their delectable pasta, sandwiches, and desserts. Once you are full, go up to the second floor of the establishment, sit down in one of their day-bed loungers, and let the calming wind blowing from the Taal lake lull you to serenity. You can visit the Sky Ranch during the afternoon and ride the giant Ferris wheel with your friends. For dinner, drive to Solenad, Nuvali and dine in one of the restaurants located in this mall.




Another exciting destination that you should visit during your road trip is Batangas. Since it is located near Tagaytay, you can spend your morning in Cavite and drive to Batangas after lunch. There are plenty of activities that you can do here. For instance, you and your buddies can go diving in Anilao. Discover the beauty obscured by the startling blue waters of Batangas and explore the astonishing marine life in Anilao. If you and your friends enjoy hiking more than swimming – and you are quite the professional hikers – you can hike Mt. Gulugod Baboy instead!

Do you want to visit the town of Taal? Try it! While you’re at it, stop by the numerous churches that line the road from Lipa to Taal. Visit the miraculous sites and marvelous churches including the Taal Basilica which is the largest in Asia.



Another popular destination is Zambales. This is one of the provinces that were terribly affected when Mt. Pinatubo erupted decades ago. However, now, Zambales is seen as one of the best travel spots in the country. Hop on your car and take a road trip to discover famous sites such as Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves which features ashen sand and spectacular agoho trees.

You can also drop by the Crystal beach especially if you love surfing and other similar water sports. This place is popular for the South Swell or the regular flow of waves from the West Philippine Sea. However, if you want to visit Crystal beach for the South Swell, it’s best to do it around August to November because it arrives during these months.

Tagaytay, Batangas, and Zambales are just some of the famous road trip destinations near Metro Manila. If you want to visit something new and see more of the Philippines, visit these remarkable places as soon as possible.

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