The digital information age has allowed for a large proliferation of innovators and entrepreneurs looking to break through their respective industries.  The digital age also allowed for the new industries and new systems to become the new standard in this ever-changing world.  The Philippines has become a major player in new industries such as Information Technology and helpdesk services through the Business Process Outsourcing industry.  Today we see all kinds of startups doing well for a few years in their industry, and then begin to decline as standards are continuously raised, and quality is consistently expected. Below is a list of must- reads for a businessman in today’s digital age that will focus your energies in important human factors such as compassion, integrity, organization, and awareness.

Win Friends

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Written by Dale Carnegie

How To Win Friends and Influence People is the most prominent book on this list.  It was first published in 1936 by American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie.  It has since promulgated throughout the world and tagged at #19 of Time Magazine's list of 100 Most Influential Books of 2011.  The book will help you change your thinking in terms of how you view yourself and how you can improve on your social and professional ways.  The book instructs you on the most basic ways for you to associate with people such that your approach becomes grounded in values such as honesty, sincerity, integrity, joy, and most of all respect for all.

4-hour work week

The 4-Hour Workweek:  Escape 9-5, Lie Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

By Timothy Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek:  Escape 9-5, Lie Anywhere, and Join the New Rich is another self-help book written by Tim Ferriss.  The book points you towards a change in the old belief system that grueling hours of work equates to a more relaxing retirement. Borne out of frustration with being an overworked employee and his lack of free time, Ferriss developed a system allowing him to coordinate his tasks in order to minimize daily workload.  His system consisted of checking emails once per day, and having virtual assistants handle his daily tasks.  This is a great book for entrepreneurs that hardly have time or the resources to have a stable schedule.  In today's reality of the digital world in which communication is done in real time, this book helps you organize and redirect your lifestyle.


Abundance:  The Future Is Better Than You Think

Written by Peter H. Diamandis and Steve Kotler

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think is the most recent book on this list. This one is more of an overview of the present and future state of the world economy, as well as the rising development in Science and Technology.  It’s a good read to inspire entrepreneurs to wake up and smell the wonders of technology, the digital world, and how much resources are now available to a much larger community.  The book takes us into a deeper understanding of how fast technology is developing which allowed individuals to innovate with hardly any capital or manpower.  The book gives its full attention on the developments of today that will surely become even more fantastic in the future.

The internet has allowed for old systems to become new.  Old industries such as helpdesk services and customer care have developed a whole new industry that is changing the lives of millions of people.  While we as human beings experience this change, let’s stop and realize that our actions today is a clear reflection of the path in which we are headed.


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Pam De Guzman, a.k.a the kid from the North, is a frustrated writer, event organizer, business owner and an aspiring director and writer of a personal/fashion/movie/book/travel blog. She’ll be writing about pretty much anything under the sun.

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