I value healthy living so much. I always have alcohol, tissue, and wipes in my bag for immediate sanitation and disinfection. At home, I don’t like seeing dirt and I like our home to smell fresh and clean. Ever since Kib was born, Lysol has been part of our grocery list. When my dad got sick, we used Lysol to disinfect his bed.

I am so happy to learn that Lysol will be launching new products to add on their current roster of products. Indeed, Lysol continues its legacy of personal home and health care excellence through A Healthy Touch.

Lysol Healthy Touch Event

Lysol Healthy Touch Event

Lysol entitled the launch of their two new products as ‘A Healthy Touch’ because the company believes that a touch can start great things. It can foster and strengthen relationships. It can move and change lives.

Lysol Philippines Products

Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes

Lysol’s tradition of premium protection is now made handy with Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes. It kills 99.9% of sickness-causing germs and bacteria but is perfectly gentle on our skin. Tested by dermatologists, it can moisturize the face or cleanse other sensitive body parts. Babies and kids can also use this too because it is clinically proven to be as mild as the leading baby wash. It is water-based, so it is pH neutral and alcohol-free, which keeps our skin moisturized fresh.

Apart from using it to quickly disinfect your hands, you can also use Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes to clean any dirty surfaces. It is indeed a multi-purpose wipes, no need to have separate wipes of different purpose.

Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes comes in two packaging: 10s and 50s. We can easily fit it inside our bag so we can wipe away our health worries anytime, anywhere.

We were given a sample pack of Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes and I love the smell of it! It smells like a baby soap, not unlike other hand wipes with fruity scent. The wipes itself is very thick; it doesn’t disintegrate nor leave lint on your skin. My son loves Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes too that he would ask me to wipe his dirty hands with it.

Lysol Hand Wipes

Lysol Hand wipes

This will soon be available in leading groceries and supermarkets, so watch out for it!

Lysol Neutra Air

I always thought that the regular Lysol that we buy at supermarkets can also be used to make our surroundings free from germs. I just learned that the Lysol that we usually buy is a surface disinfectant. Lysol Neutra Air is an air sanitizer, which cleans the air we breathe from bacteria and bad odors.

It’s always good to come home to a tidy and fresh-smelling home, isn’t it? However, “tidy” and “fresh-smelling” does not mean our family is safe from germs.

Unlike other products that only mask odors, Lysol Neutra Air cleans and clears the air we breathe of odor-causing bacteria. It eliminates the source permanently and, with its choice of scents, it rejuvenates, revitalizes and energizes our homes without giving off harsh chemicals that can irritate our senses. We can now have some peace of mind knowing our families can enjoy a safer and clean-smelling air.

Lysol Neutra Air

Mortein Naturgard with Citronella Oil

Meanwhile, we were given more information about Mortein Multi-insect killer. This product is already in the market but the company has improved its product to better suit the needs of the consumers.

It has been noted that Filipinos’ concern for personal well-being is rising. One way of improving our personal well-being is to control pests at home. For pest control, consumers both seek for efficacy and safety. A market research revealed that most Filipinos use aerosol insecticides to get rid of common pests at home; however, most insecticides available in the market are petroleum-based.

As we all know, petroleum-based products can pose a great risk to our health. That is why we let our kids go out of the room for quite some time after we have sprayed insecticides so to protect our children from the dangers of petroleum-based insecticides. Sadly, not all consumers are fully aware that there is an alternative for a better, safer, and more effective insecticide in the market.

Mortein Naturgard is a water-based insecticide, combined with the co-solvent action of natural extracts (d-limonene oils). Since it is water-based, it has non-irritating fragrance (natural citrus scent), which is safe to use around our family and pets. It is also environment-friendly. With added citronella on their product, it also masks odors that pests find attractive. Since it’s a multi-insect killer, this product can also be used against flies and cockroaches aside from dengue-causing mosquitoes.

Mortein Naturgard with Citronella Oil

Surely, I will try these products at home!

*For more information about Lysol, you may check their FB page at Lysol Philippines
*For more information about Mortein, you may check their FB page at Mortein Philippines

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