I am helping Manila Water spread their campaing on using water responsibly! Water is such a valuable resource that we should not waste. Here are some of my tips on conserving water at home:

1) Be sure that there are no leaks anywhere! There was this one time when we were so shocked that our bill increased significantly. We didn’t notice that there was a leak at the back of the toilet bowl. So do check all faucets and toilets at all times!

2) Use pails and dippers rather than showers if you can. If you have showers, try to install shower heads that have adjustments on the flow of water.

3) Don’t keep the water flowing while you brush your teeth.

What other tips would you like to share?

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Manila Water and Manila Reviews is running this contest on Twitter. Share us ways on how you can use water responsibly. We will choose three winners and they will get a set of of a leatherette folio, glasses and car shades.

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Contest will start tomorrow and will end on Sept. 14 :) I will be announcing the winners through the rafflecopter widget and will contact them via email :)


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6 Responses

  1. Minoll Alano

    The best way to really save water is through my kid. I need to teach them the proper use of water especially when showering, brushing their teeth and even drinking the water. They are the ones who really doesn’t understand yet why we need to conserve water. Indeed, knowledge is power. Because I see my 6 year old now conserving water. When she shampoo her hair, she closes the shower to save water. She finishes her water in the glass too because water is precious. She is not just like that at home but wherever she goes. Because for our family saving water is already a lifestyle.

  2. Michelle Jaguimit Namilit

    Always turn off the faucet when not in use. One way to conserve water at home is using the water that has been use to wash the rice grain to water our plant. We regularly check our pipeline for any leakage because every drop of water is important. Being a responsible person and always put in mind the importance of water so that we will never waste them.

  3. Henry DM

    to conserve water I do not use show. I also recycled water (the one I used after taking a bath) to flush toilet & to water my plants

    -Henry Matic

  4. Sarah Bucu

    Each time my kids and I take a bath, there must always be a pail or basin to store the water has been used. Now to conserve water, we used that stored water to wash the rugs, mop the floors, flush the toilet and clean the bathroom. This surely lessen our water bill which also is a great help in saving money as well.


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