I’m actually excited to share with you the before and after pictures of my husband, EJ. Early this month, we made a pact that he and I should start eating healthy already. We started this pact, because before that time, he was getting migraines almost everyday, to the point actually that we had it checked already by the doctor and he had an MRI just to be sure. The results indicated that it was just migraine.

I was actually telling him that it was probably his diet and stress. The diet is something that weeasily can control (I can’t say the same though for the sources of stress), so I thought to myself, why not implement these ‘dietary’ changes in the household.

What we did was we followed this Healthy Eating Plate Guide. This was released by the Harvard School of Public Health. My husband is not one whom you can easily convince to go on a hunger strike or any of those diets that people talk about. It was easier to convince him to just alter and make some changes in the food that he eats.


Source: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/pyramid/

So we did just that. For the healthy oils in this picture, we know that the standard, middle income class family like us, could not afford to use olive and canola oil everyday. These oils are very expensive. What I did was I did my research and used Minola coconut oil instead.

Like what I said in my article, The Truth about Coconut Oil, in the early 2000s, people discovered that coconut oil had a lot of benefits that were previously ignored. Most of these benefits can actually save people’s lives like helping in maintaining cholesterol levels, preventing heart diseases, kidney failure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So now in our household, we use it to cook vegetables. Yes, we take veggies every meal. Veggies are really easy to cook. I like it fresh but my husband can’t stand just taking it like that, so he needs it to be sauteed.
For your veggies, all you have to do is:

1) Heat Minola Coconut Oil in a pan.

Step 1

2) Add chopped garlic and sautee it.
Step 2

3) Add onions until both are a little bit golden brown.

Step 3

4) Add the vegetables that you chopped and prepared. I love using cabbage, carrots, sayote and cauliflower.
Step 4

Voila! You have your veggies that would last you the entire day. Remember that the servings for veggies is almost three fourths of the plate. And when eating, always start your meal with veggies and fruits to line your stomach with fiber. Well, that’s how we do it in our household.

With these lifestyle modifications like eating veggies, using healthy coconut oil (By the way, Minola is rich in Lauric Oil that helps fight virus and bacteria in the body), following proper portioning and taking supplements that will help keep your body healthy inside and out, I think we are on the right path in achieving a healthier body and becoming a role model for health and fitness to our daughter.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Minola. Thank you Minola for the products! :)

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