My baby now has this habit of crying every 4:00 in the afternoon. Not because she is hungry, but she wants to go around Burgos Circle or BGC High Street. Her yaya would utter “do you want to make pasyal?” (“do you want to go around?) and to that she would smile and wiggle her feet and move her arms. At close to 3 months, my baby is very demanding and she wants the very best. When she’s bored with one place or with an activity, she will start whimpering.

That’s why I love going to Stacy’s. They have a new branch near our place. This Stacy’s is along Rizal Drive in Bonifacio Global City. As you can see, Baby Z is enjoying and admiring the table set up of Stacy’s Fort.


Where’s my order?!

As you all know, we have been to the one at Capitol Hills before ( We were ooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing at how they decorated the place. Everything was so cute and dainty. Check out the pictures below!

Lovely Table Centerpiece

I love the Pretzels, Marshmallow and Popcorn in a cup idea!

Very dainty store!

Cute Pink phone beside the Cake Pops

Stacy’s Desserts

The last time I ate at Stacy’s, I ordered the Jersey Shore Sandwich. This time around, I again ordered another type of sandwich. It was called the Stacy’s French Connection. It was a Canadian bacon sandwich with melted Swiss cheese (which I loved). The yummy part was that the bread were actually pieces of Vanilla-Butter French Toast, and that explains why they served strawberry jam to go with the dish. I love love love the salted potato chips with Aioli, too!

My Order!

I will definitely order this again. It was quite a treat in this awesome and relaxing place.

For reservations, you can call their branch at the Fort through this number: (+632)9526843! Visit their facebook page: Stacy’s Facebook page

Love lots,

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