Don’t we all want this — turning our Passion into Profit. In my other blog,, I talk a lot about being a mompreneur. I get to meet a lot of mompreneurs who talk about having passion which led to them discovering the business that they would like to embark on.

But how do you exactly turn this passion into something that would give you profit? Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid tells us more in this book, How to Turn your Passion into Profit. Bo Sanchez is a millionaire missionary-businessman while Dean Pax Lapid is a professor of Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Asian Institute of Management and a “serial” entrepreneur (he builds one business a year!). They will guide you as you start your business through this practical, step-by-step book.

How to Turn your Passion into Profit

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m excited to read it already. I’m sure those who want to start their own businesses would love to read this.

The book gives us the 8 Keys to Build a Truly Rich Business. It also discusses the “hardware” and “software” of starting a business — the mind and the heart. You’ll learn important principles that will save you from the most common pitfalls that make businesses fail. It also tells you why passion is NOT enough to turn your passion into profit and why “scarcity” is good for you as you start your business. It will tell you why you should ALMOST NEVER compete on price… and so much more!

If you want to grab a copy of the book, you can purchase it through this site:

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  1. Manilyn

    Bro. Bo Sanchez has truly been our family’s inspiration and model. We always take time to listen to his preachings and read his books to be able to learn from him. We are transformed into better individuals because of his teachings. And we dream to be able to spread all the learning to others. With this new book, we will surely learn something new, something we will be able to share to others.

  2. Jo Narca

    The eye-opener book for me was “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market”.

  3. Carol Poblete

    The books and all the other periodicals of SVP is a sureball hit for they seamlessly put together inspiration with wit and soul without trying too hard. So even if this is not on my league, I truly think this is going to be awesome and have this brand of wit that will surely tug the heartstrings of anyone. :D

  4. Beth Arnoco

    I always like Bo Sanchez’s books, ebooks, and talks. They’re concise, easy to understand, witty, yet full of wisdom. Total package! Must take action now. :)

  5. Hermo L. Patacsil

    I am not used in reading, never finished reading a book in my life. The only books, e-books, and magazines I finished reading from (cover to cover) are published by Shepherd’s Voice Publications (SVP). Because the books from SVP are entertaining and informative. Short and easy to understand. Can’t wait for a new book releases. Thanks and more power.

  6. Mark Ballesteros

    I loved the books from Bro. Bo and from the Kerygma Preachers. (Arun, Jon, Obet, George and others) These books are really great for us to learn practical stuff and to seek God more today in our lives.


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