Do you want to take your blog to the next level? Join the Photography : Inspired Workshop.

This, being the 5th year of my blogging career, I can say that my blogging style has evolved. Maybe not to the extent of bringing such a noticeable change, but I have taken and I’m taking it a step further. What I am trying to do is that I’m trying to move my blogs towards a more inspired picture of my views, my opinions… my life. For those who have read our plans for Manila Reviews, one of these is to make it more personalized.

My definition of personalizing a blog, is being more open about the things happening to us in real life. Our posts won’t be a mere narration of reviews and happenings, but we wan’t our articles to evoke emotions of inspiration, empathy, want, happiness, contentment, eagerness, etc. When scenarios of our lives are shared, we want it to be filled with colors and vibrancy. With this, I am really excited to share this new endeavor of Manila Workshops and Dainty Mom with you. We built this series of workshops called Blog : Inspired, which is geared towards inspiring creative, purposeful blogs.

We’re inviting you to the first Blog:Inspired workshop, entitled “Photography : Inspired – Creative Photography for Bloggers”. This will be on February 9, 2013 at Kuppa Roastery and Cafe from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Photography : Inspired

I’m also really excited about hearing from the guest instructor. Her name is Mia Marchadesh-Jaranilla of, a lifestyle blog-mag on the chic and modern. I love her blog and the photos (of course). The pictures are very clear and crisp. I’m truly excited to learn from her so that I can also apply my learnings into my blogs.

Are you like me? Do you want to create a creative and purposeful blog? Join us as we hold the first of a series of workshops for Blog: Inspired. Join us for the Photography: Inspired Class.

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