December is always a time for celebration and delicious food, especially for us, Filipinos, who love to eat. I always enjoy partaking in these festivities. Although, I dread the holidays, because of the weight I gain during the season. After all the joy and good food, for me, January always seems to be a stressful and not to mention, a strenuous month, since I know that I have to get back into shape for the new year.

This December, I will be 6 months pregnant, but this should not be a reason for me to not watch my food intake. In fact, the more I should be wary that I don’t get to take in too much fatty, salty and sweet food. But hear yea! Good news is here from Splenda for people like me!

Enjoying Splenda!

I asked my doctor if I can take in alternative sweeteners while pregnant, so that I can stay fit and eat healthy. She mentioned that I can take SPLENDA. Splenda is safe for pregnant women. It’s the only brand of healthy alternative sweetener that can help you live healthy without giving up on the sweet taste you love. That was indeed good news, since I was really a Splenda user. What I like about Splenda, ever since I started using it years ago, is that there are no bitter aftertastes. It tastes as if you are really using sugar. From that time onwards, I always use Splenda for my coffee and other meals.

Now that I’m pregnant, I have weird cravings. I don’t like sweets except for cheesecake. I’m really excited since even if it’s dessert, I can still enjoy it without being afraid of my health and the health of the baby, because I can enjoy cheesecake with Splenda.

To tell you honestly, I’m not so much a cook as I am a foodie. But for people like me who would love to enjoy a healthy meal or in this case, a healthy dessert that is easy to make, I borrowed this recipe from Splenda’s facebook page for No Bake Cherry Cheesecake. Why this particular recipe? One, it looks delicious so you can actually serve it to family and friends during this season. Two, for those who are watching what they eat this season, this is a great dish. Three, there was no mention of using an oven (which was great for me!). There was just mixing and buying the ingredients!

Just to share with you, here is the recipe I followed.

I just followed this and voila, this is what I made! All you have to do is get a little cute ‘platito’ and it is ready to be served.

My no bake blueberry cheesecake — used Splenda!

See, you can actually enjoy delicious and healthy meals with Splenda. Splenda makes all things possible. Try out this recipe and share with me your thoughts on this. Have a healthy happy holiday!

Love Lots,

P.S. This is a sponsored post from Splenda. Ej and I and our families love Splenda and we really use it so we were happy to do this review! 

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