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It’s December! Wee! I love this month. I love the cool wind that comes with it. I love the Christmas lights and the Christmas carols. I love the gifts that I receive and I love giving gifts, as well. I just love that everyone’s in a festive mood!

One of the activities that people in the Philippines and everywhere in the world do during this Holiday season is buy gifts. I love that people really think of the perfect gift for each loved one. To help you out, Manila Reviews, all throughout December, will give you suggestions on what to give and to whom to give it to.

Our first gift is for the Music Lover. It’s actually also for someone who has work that requires him/her to be on telecons once a week. Ej and I recently got these gifts from a friend and we were really thankful. These are Accutone earphones.

Accutone Earphones

We truly loved it. Ej got the Accutone Taurus. The Taurus is a high-fidelity, noise-isolating, in-ear headset with a microphone (which I know he will use often), remote and bass tuning technology. It was black and came in a really classy container. He was so excited that he tried it immediately for his teleconference call. He usually gets calls in the evenings for work, so his current earphones really needed to be changed.

Accutone Audio: Taurus

Here are the specifications of the Accutone Taurus:
Weight: 10.5 grams
Speaker rated input power: 5mW
Speaker maximum input power: 10mW
Speaker size: 9.2mm

I asked Ej how it was and he said that the voices on the other line were very clear. He couldn’t hear sound from the room or from outside, so I guess it really is noise isolating.

I was excited to try mine. Mine was the Accutone Aquarius.

Accutone Audio: Aquarius

I got the blue one. There are several colors of the Accutone Aquarius that you can choose from. They have orange, pink, lime, blue, purple and white. The specifications of the Accutone Aquarius are:

Weight: 10.5 grams
Output limit: uses HPS (Hearing Protection System)
Speaker power: rated input power – /mW/ max power – 3mW
Speaker size: 5.5mm

For pregnant women, they say it’s best to play soothing music so that your child will be soothed, as well, by the same type of music when the baby comes out. I tried listening to music for pregnant and I had the same experience as EJ. The music was crisp and clear.

I use the earphones everyday now. I think these in-ear headsets are a great gift for those music lovers! For those who want to buy these Accutone Aquarius, AVA is having a sale! Check out this link: Accutone Aquarius In-Ear headsets in AVA.

For more information about the product, you can check out these Facebook pages:

Hope you like our gift suggestion for today!


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