One of the clothing brands that I love is Ensembles. This brand is an epitome of empowered women fashion, which is individualistic and sophisticated. The retail brand never fails to provide its customers a well-rounded collection as Ensembles continues to collaborate with today’s most celebrated fashion designers through its Young Designer Series. The collaboration aims to create something truly unique but will still be very much Ensembles – a perfect balance of wearability and artistry – versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn to work or on the weekend, just as easily. Now on its 4th installment, Ensembles welcomes fashion designer Chris Diaz to take part in this year’s Holiday Collection of Ensembles’ Young Designers’ Series. The past collections featured James Reyes, Debbie Co, Louis Claparols and Choc & Yvette Religioso.

Chris Diaz was first catapulted into the Manila fashion industry after becoming a finalist in the 2002 MEGA Young Designers Competition. He has been labeled as a “Romantic” Designer because of his trademark fascination with feminine frills, lace and floral. With Chris Diaz on board, romanticism takes center stage in the form of lace, soft fabrics and color blocking. “I’m very excited with this collaboration! There’s a lot for everyone – a balance of feminine silhouette and use of romantic element and a smart range of color blockings that will flatter everyone!”, Chris Diaz shared when asked to talk about the collaboration.

This 17 piece collection includes standout dresses and blazers, flattering tops in chiffon and poplin, dresses and skirts all grounded in different treatments such as lovely laces, colorblocking and soft fabrics – representing a woman that is romantic and effortlessly chic. Diaz understands what women want to wear and which elements can flatter the body.

Get ready to shop early for holiday fashion as collection will hit Ensembles stores in September!

About Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz discovered his passion for fashion design during his high school years. He’d be making designs for friends and a few teachers and was involved in the production as well. After high school, fate and luck lead him to work for a wonderful lace manufacturer that started his love for laces which then became his design aesthete. “Fashion schooling was not an option as times were hard then. I just slowly worked on becoming one while I studied and worked as an interior designer.” Being a finalist of MEGA Young Designers Competition in 2002 gave him a firm first step in the fashion industry.

“Fashion is an expression, a wearable art”. Finding your own design identity was never easy. Chris Diaz’ affinity with all things feminine and romantic led him to his specific style. His fascination with feminine frills, lace and floral has been his trademark thus magazines and reviews consistently dubbed him as a “romantic” designer. “It will be my default design DNA.”

Diaz once won in Malaysia International Fashion Awards as the Best Evening Wear Designer. “On top of the award and recognitions, happy and satisfied clients and the ability to share my blessings through my craft are my greatest achievements.”

Here is the rest of our interview with Chris Diaz.
E: If you weren’t a fashion designer, what would you be?
CD: Interior Decorator or probably a florist!

E: How do you spend your time on aside from designing?
CD: I’m slowly decorating my place right now.

E: What’s your happy pill?
CD: Counting my blessings, best reality-check ever. And be around positive, loving and supportive people.

E: How will you spend your Holidays?
CD: I’ll spending holidays with family and loved ones.

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