Yum! Enjoying our Sunday merienda at Seattle’s Best coffee in BGC.


As we cozily waited for our food, we noticed the glaring yellow code in our receipt. The barista said that it was the code to a promo. It made us curious on what the promo was all about. We took the flyer and read the mechanics for the Me & My Traveling SBC. Seeing the great prizes, I really wanted to join.

But, the promo required a photo of us with an SBC drink while traveling to our favorite destinations. Instead, of us just taking a photo now, we need to bring it to a ‘favorite destination’ and take the photo. Plus, it is a voting promo, which seemed so tedious to do.


Oh well. I just wish brands would rethink their promos. If this were just a ‘share’ promo, I would have joined and returned again to get another code.

Anyway, with or without the promo, I love the sandwiches here so i’ll still be back.

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