Espressamente may mean “expressly” for the Italians, but for me, it will always be that cafe on the 3rd floor of Rockwell Power plant, which serves great coffee. I am a coffee lover –I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know when I taste a good brew.

For this particular visit to Espressamente Illy, we ordered the Caffe Tiramisu and the Frappe al Caffe. The Caffe Tiramisu is Illy espresso with fresh milk, vanilla, sponge fingers, and ice cubes. The Frappe al Caffe is Illy espresso with liquid sugar and crushed ice. Both drinks were pretty good.

Illy Coffee

The tiramisu had a bit of coarseness to it that reminded me of a light and fluffy slice of, what else, tiramisu. The Frappe al Caffe had that sweet lovable flavor, not alien to the Filipino palette.

Wild Mushroom Pizza

We also order the Wild mushroom pizza. I loved it. I’ve always been in love with truffle and this pizza had that lovable pungent aroma. The cheese and the mushrooms went very well together. Don’t make the mistake of putting any hot sauce or pepper though as they easily overwhelm the truffle.

Price range of coffee will be around Php 95 for brewed coffee to around Php 165 for a cold, specialty coffee. They also serve pizza (php 300+), which is good for two people, Paninis and Pasta.

List of the other stuff that they have:

Here are other people who have tried it here:

Java Jiving

Contact Details:
Espressamente Illy
R2, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center
Lopez Drive, Barangay Poblacion
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Proudly Pinoy,

Have your tried Espressamente Illy before? What did you order? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Dan

    At NAIA Terminal: The best hot Chocolate! But P 89 for a plain croissant that feels like chewing gum :-(( I told it already 1 month ago to the staff – but no improvement…


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