When I was young, I loved reading. I loved reading fiction. I loved reading all those Sweet Valley High pocket books and I completed the Nancy Drew series. Now, I prefer finance, productivity, management and marketing books.

There is something about these books that make you feel richer, more productive and empowered during and after reading them. Recently, I just finished reading a book entitled Productive Pinoy – Time Management, Money and Living a Meaningful Life. The author is a Pinoy named Yeng Remulla.

I loved the book because the author formulated his productivity tips in a way that it can be applied in Philippine setting. I especially loved the section where he would bring up old Pinoy thinking and tell the readers what really works.

An example of this would be the old Pinoy thinking of “Bahala na”. A lot of us, including me at times, would just leave everything to chance… the “will of the wind”. As the author said, and I definitely agree with him, we cannot just “wing it” when the time comes. He says “real faith moves you into action!”

Looking back on my life, I think one thing that made me successful is that for every task given to me, I decide to either Toss it, refer it, act on it (which I almost always do) or file it (TRAF — in reference to one of the authors tips). I think even early on in life, I was really good at managing my time.

What really struck me was the author’s writing on work. One should ask, “did my work matter?” During the time I was reading the book, I really made a conscious effort to try and achieve that feeling of being able to help others. I was not concentrating on the feeling of “dagdag trabaho lang ito”(this is additional work), but rather on the “I know I can make a difference by helping this person, so I will do it.” It was a very gratifying feeling, believe me. Once you make this your goal, it won’t seem like work anymore.

I suggest that you read this very insightful book. There are a lot of productivity tips that focuses on Pinoy beliefs, eliminating productivity killers, delivering results, being organized, fine tuning your finances and in enjoying and living a meaningful life.

Kuddos to the author Yeng Remulla for coming up with such an insightful, challenging, and inspirational book. It is definitely a book that will make you think back on how you lived your life and how you want to live from now on.

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