Contrary to what people think that I’m a ‘specialty coffee’ kind of chick, I actually love mixing coffee granules with creamer and artificial sweetener when in the comfort of my home. I use the sugar free Hazelnut Creamer of Coffee-mate. I prefer the sugar free one, since I’m almost always in a “low carb” diet. Although, this morning, after trying the Coffee-mate Creamy Caramel Creamer, I think I found a new love.

Yesterday evening, I received a package. I hurriedly opened this and it was a huge box with two pouches of Coffee-mate and 1 pouch of Nescafe Coffee. BTW, this is not a sponsored post. I am just a fan of coffee in general, and I won’t deny it, but I am really a fan of the brand and was so happy to receive this.

I normally buy the Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer, but this was so tempting to try. So this morning, after my South Beach breakfast, I had to forego my usual sugar free creamer to try this Nestle Coffee-mate Creamy Caramel! Yes, it was definitely creamy with a kiss of caramel na nakaka-inlove. It gives your coffee that extra ‘personality’. Speaking of personalities, have you seen the Kisstopher, their brand ambassador for this product.

He is so funny! Check out this video.

He’ll be sharing more tips with us on kissing!

But really, if you want to add that extra flavor to your coffee, try the new Nestle Coffee-mate Creamy Caramel.

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