“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it.” (A. Einstein).

My husband and I are so excited to join this years Startup Weekend Manila. We love listening to new ideas and coming up with our own ideas, as well. This years Startup Weekend Manila will run from April 27-29, 2011 and it will be at the MINT College in Taguig City.

Check out this link: http://manila.startupweekend.org/

For those who have no idea on what I am talking about, here is a short video to give you an idea on what Startup Weekend Manila is all about.

This is the first time that we are joining this event. To prepare for the event, my husband and I both thought of two ideas that we can pitch. For this year, we will pitch just one idea first. We want to see how the event goes first and probably on the next Startup Weekend Manila, we might pitch our other ideas.

The main reason why we want to join is that we want to look for the team that would help us make our ideas come to life. Being in a 8-5 job takes up too much of your time, and sometimes, you get to pity yourself for not having the time to execute the amazing ideas that you come up with. We do not want to regret that we didn’t make our ideas real. We do not want to regret that we did not do anything to create these innovations that would help the community in which we live in.

Registration is now open. You can register as a:

Developer: This ticket type applies to software engineers/coders/developers – in short, anybody who can and will write code.

Designer: This ticket type applies to anybody with a background in design (graphics, UX/UI, etc.)

Non-Technical: This ticket type applies to business, marketing & PR, and anyone with a non-technical background.

Angel/Venture Capital: For Angels and VCs that want first dibs on what might be the next big thing.

Ej and I registered for Non-Technical and EJ will be pitching our idea. We hope that we would be able to form our team and get to meet investors for this idea!

To sign up, please click on this link: http://manila.startupweekend.org/tickets/

If you have bright idea or if you want to help make these ideas come true, sign up now!

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