They say to road to being famous is being smooth and silky all over. Well, for this statement, I guess the “they” there refers to me. I have long wanted to be an actress, but I always believed that I couldn’t be one, because I wasn’t flawless. Every time I would see an actress strutting the malls in Manila, I would be mesmerized at how flawless, glowing and hairless their skin would be. I have heard of people waxing hair and having IPL treatments done to their entire body, but I really wondered if there would be any difference REALLY. So, I decided to start with some parts of my body waxed and what better place to go to, but to Strip: Ministry of Waxing.

Strip at Serendra

I normally go to the salon to have my upper lip or lower leg waxed, but that’s it. This time, I wanted to see the difference of going to a waxing salon rather than to a normal salon. Upon entering Strip’s branch at Serendra, I was asked to fill out a form. I had to log in any allergies or any medicine or ointment that I had or I’m using. I don’t think I have any of those though. After submitting the form, I was asked to wait, but not for too long in the waiting area.

The waiting area was so cute! It had a wall where past press releases and testimonials have been mounted. It was such a joy looking and reading through some of them, so that you would know what to expect.

There were also shelved that contained post waxing products like creams, etc. that you can buy.

After a couple of minutes, a girl led me to the room, where the waxing was taking place. The cabinets were painted in pink and their was a wall with lighted signs, which gave a modern street-like feel to it. The room even had a mock-up of a lamp post inside. The design was absolutely adorable. The drawers were also customized to specifically fit the containers of the wax and the other ‘stripping’ tools.

We started the treatment of waxing the hair from my entire leg. The waxing specialist was so knowledgeable. She explained the products that she used and would explain each and every step that she would do. I like this style, since she was giving me an overview of what to expect.

Strip: Ministry of Waxing used hot wax. I already tried cold wax before, but I like hot wax better since the hair is completely pulled off and it takes a longer time before the hair grows back. They had two flavors for the wax: chocolate and strawberry. They used chocolate on me. I loved the smell. It had that sweet scent that enveloped the room. It made me relax more.

The treatment was not that painful as I expected it to be. My friends who also had a brazilian done before mentioned that Strip is the best place to go to get this done. She mentioned that it was not ‘nakakailang’ (uncomfortable) since the waxing expert was really professional.

A full leg treatment is at Php 1,700. Upper lip treatments is at Php 250. All Off treatment is at Php 1,200.

I had great experience and my legs feel as smooth as ever. I’m seriously thinking of coming back to Strip to get other treatments done. There is this rush of confidence that you feel after, which is quite addicting. I think if I do other treatments, I will be on my way to stardom! (exaggeration there!)

Check out the Strip: Ministry of Waxing

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3 Responses

  1. kim

    I went to Strip Greenbelt 5 for the first time. I normally go to Wink in BGC but had no time to get there this time. Waxing procedure is satisfactory, job was fast, the kit was a cool feature, but does not make it any extra hygienic from the procedures of other reputable salons.

    They charge Php 1798 for:
    a room that is small with very poor lighting
    a salon with no wash rooms
    a bed cover and body wrap that are reusable “very dark” colored towels
    -towels trap hair in them.
    -very dark towels trap and hide them from plain sight
    -reusable towels leave you at a higher risk of contracting bacterial and fungal infections from
    infected clients.

    Will only go back if I have no other choice.

  2. che

    Hi there Ginger! I would like to ask how’s the hair growth after waxing? Does hair grows thicker and rough? I am planning to avail waxing treatment for my UA and legs. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance. :)

    • Ginger Arboleda

      Hi Che! Thanks for the inquiry. Based on my experience, it did not become thicker. Of course, during the first month after waxing, there were stubbles since hair was starting to grow. Some people say that if you do it regularly, hair would actually become thinner. :)


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