Pond’s continually satisfies women’s desire for lighter complexion and reveals its most powerful skin-lightening formula ever developed to date. Giving women spotless and radiant-looking skin for many years, Pond’s Institute unveils a powerful and potent product range that will revolutionize skin care once again.

A Synergy Of Beauty And Science

Pond's Flawless White with GenActivT Formula Product Range

Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam

Pond's Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum

A breakthrough innovation in skin-lightening, the new GenActiv™ Formula in the new Pond’s Flawless White is a result of 10 years of research on more than 20,000 gene codes in the Pond’s Institute. They discovered that a certain set of genes influences skin darkening by triggering melanocytes – the melanin producing cells – to produce more melanin that eventually makes skin darker. The new Pond’s Flawless White combines Niacinamide with 12 HSA, two potent ingredients, which goes deep down the skin’s basal layer – preventing genes to trigger melanin production. This and other vital whitening ingredients such as SPF 18 PA++, Allantoin and Optics System make the new Pond’s Flawless White Pond’s most advanced and effective whitening technology yet. The result? Spot-less white radiance like never before.

Pond's Flawless White Lightening Day Cream SPF 18 PA++

Pond's Flawless White Brightening Night Cream

Pond's Flawless White Perfect Finish 2-Way Foundation Powder (Ivory White 01)

The new Pond’s Flawless White with GenActiv™ Formula delivers visible results to empower women to confidently step out to the light. This revolutionary innovation from Pond’s once again proves that the brand is always at the forefront in providing the best skin solutions for every Filipina.

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