Have you ever reached that you want to do more for the community and help build lives and communities? VSO Bahaginan is a development organization that encourages every one to volunteer. VSO Bahaginan is a Filipino NGO that is committed to fight poverty and disadvantage through a wide range of volunteering development programs. They have been in existence for 10 years in the Philippines and they have a global network already, but they have been relatively quiet compared to other organizations. They are hoping to make a shift and acknowledging the opportunity of generating more awareness about the organization, what they do and how people can take part in their noble cause of fighting poverty.

VSO Bahaginan is the only federation member of international organization VSO in Asia and the Pacific, that focuses on volunteering. The organization is a leader in volunteering for development, running a range of volunteer programs and innovations. Since 2000, it has been recruiting, matching and sending qualified Filipino professionals to contribute to international development as international volunteers in more than 40 developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. These international volunteers are able to share their talents in developing communities, while at the same time gaining more knowledge from their international work experience. VSO Bahaginan also manages and develops business partnerships with companies who release their employees on short-term volunteer placements.

Through volunteering, people can participate in the transformation of their communities. They support organizations, programs and advocacies that promote volunteering for development. They do this by developing products and delivering training to help national volunteering partners to practice good volunteer management. Young people are given a chance to make a real difference in their exchange communities.

Here are some videos about VSO Bahaginan.

You can help in a lot of ways:
1. Volunteer
2. Donate
3. National Volunteering
4. Help in other ways!

For more information on VSO Bahaginan, please visit their site: http://www.vsobahaginan.org/

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