I’m sorry for being delinquent on lagging on my posts for Manila Reviews. I have been so harassed lately doing projects for my day job. I have been so tired and zapped out of life lately. Don’t worry, I still have a lot of reviews that I would like to share with you, one of which was a milk tea or bubble tea place again in the metro. It’s called Cha Dao (Cha means Tea and Dao comes from “Daoism/Taoism” which is a Chinese Philosophy), “The Way of Tea”.

Cha Dao has two branches. We visited their Don Antonio branch. It was at 64-C Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights. When we were looking for the place, we had a hard time. We finally saw it on the left side of the road coming from Commonwealth. The people from Cha Dao said that there was actually a big lighted sign, but it had to be repaired after the storm (I went there after Storm Pedring). We actually saw the sign on the ground. I hope that they fix that since it would really help people find the place.

Upon entering, the store exuded a very cozy ambiance. The place was mostly made up of wooden tables and flooring. The decorations and highlights of the room where mostly made of green materials. I love the wall art. It was very appealing and highlighted the relaxing mood of the place.

The menu was basically made of various drinks. What I ordered was the Classic Milk Tea (Large at Php 65). This was one of their best sellers. For my sinkers, I wanted to add pearls. Each additional sinker was at Php 10 per serving. My drink was actually at Php 75. Not bad! The sugar level was called differently. It wasn’t by percentages. They had three options: Light (less sugar), Regular (normal sugar), and Sweet (more sugar). I got my drink light. It was actually perfect. I feel if I went with regular, it might have been too sweet.

Ej ordered the Assam Milk Tea with Pearl sinkers. He ordered a regular drink (in terms of sweetness). I tried his drink, too, but I like the Classic Milk Tea better. They also serve cookies and other pastries. We didn’t get to try these though.

Have you tried the drinks from Cha Dao? Let us know what your favorite drink is.

Contact Details:
Cha Dao Tea Place
CDTP Kapitolyo: G/F #5 West Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig
CDTP Don Antonio: 64-C Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, QC

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