I have friends who literally crave for their delicious chicken wings. As a matter of fact, we just went to Chicken Charlie yesterday for lunch, and each of us ordered a 6 piece combo or an 8 piece Chicken Wings set. We always go to the branch in San Juan branch since it’s the nearest branch from our office.

Chicken Charlie San Juan Branch

Chicken Charlie San Juan Branch

The area for dining isn’t that big. The San Juan branch can accommodate only around 20 people to dine inside the store. Cooking time for the chicken wings and drumstick is at 25 minutes, so they placed a TV in front so that people could watch shows while waiting.

They double fry the chicken to make the skin extra crispy without using any breading. Double frying also helps in removing the extra fat from the chicken, thus, makes it healthier. It also has no trans fat.

If you are on a budget, you can order the Charlies Bowl. This rice meal with chicken on top is just worth Php 59. When I eat at Chicken Charlie though, I order either the 4 pieces wing at Php 99 or the Combo of 2 drumsticks and 4 wings at Php 197.

Chicken Charlie - 6 pieces

Chicken Charlie - 6 piece Combo

You can choose whether to order the Soy Garlic Sauce or the Hot Sweet Sauce. I always order the Hot Sweet Sauce, but most of my friends like to have it a combination of both. If it’s your first time to try Chicken Charlie, you can request for a combination of flavors so that you can try both.

Have your tried Chicken Charlie? Is this one of the best chicken wings that you have tried. Of all the new chicken wings places, which one’s your favorite?

Contact Details:
Chicken Charlie
Website: http://www.chickencharlie.net
Email Address: chickencharlieph@yahoo.com

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