For most of us, Lenten season is a very challenging time of the year. Aside from being extra nice and doing a list of sacrifices, one of the hard things to do is avoid meat every Fridays. It’s hard to look for fish dishes or seafood dishes every Friday during this Lenten season, especially if you love eating meat. We are happy though that each year, food establishments always do come up with Lenten offerings for their customers, and these are actually yummy treats that a meat lover would love, too! I am a fish person so I was excited to try the new Lenten dishes of Figaro. They invited us together with a handful of bloggers to Figaro, Shangri-la Mall.

They call these new products, Light, for Life. Light since these dishes are just enough to satisfy your cravings, and these variant are healthy choices since both are seafood dishes. I plan to eat healthier starting this Lenten season and Figaro Coffee just made it easier for me to go on this diet.

The first dish that we tried is the Kani Sandwich at Php 179. It was composed of white bread with fillings of crabsticks mixed with mayo sauce. It was a dish that was very refreshing. The filling was not too drowned in mayo. I just wished though that they offered an option for wheat bread. With this, I’m sure more people would love to order this. Also, it came with just the right amount of salad as a side dish. I have always liked the sauce of Figaro’s side salad.

Kani Sandwich

The second dish was Chili Hair Sardine pasta at Php 189. This is what I loved. It had Spanish sardines mixed with olive oil, garlic, onions, black olives which was tossed with the angel hair pasta. It was then topped with parsley and parmesan cheese. It had subtle flavors and the spiciness of the sardines stood out. I was quite pleased with the dish, and I know people who love chili will like this, as well.

Chili Hair Sardine Pasta

We also ordered the Summer drinks of Figaro. We got to try the new Figaro Coffee Summer Frosts. Both the Tropical Sorbet and Berried Watermelon were at Php 125. I liked the peach flavor of the Tropical Sorbet, but EJ liked the mixed flavors of red berries and watermelon of the Berried Watermelon.

Figaro Summer Frosts

To cap off the meal, we tried out 4 of their desserts:

Figaro Desserts Mosaic

My favorite was their Peanut Butter Cookie. You know those peanut bars you could buy in Chinese groceries? It tastes just like that but with a different texture and much less messier. I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing.

With these choices, Lenten abstinence doesn’t seem to be much of a sacrifice. So try these new products today!

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