A lot of people have been asking us where tickets can be bought for the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show. Well, you are in luck as the tickets for the Regular Admission are up for grabs at Buyanihan.com. The tickets are sold at 60% off! If you want to buy VIP and SVIP tickets, they are also available.

RISQ banner

RISQ banner

RISQ is also holding a Facebook Promo. By making the RISQ AD your profile picture in Facebook and other online accounts, you can get a chance to win VIP tickets. After you have set the RISQ Ad as your picture, send your complete details and email the link to annie.choi@guerrerocreative.net.

This promo is until March 1, 2011 only! The RISQ Organizers will be giving away 20 VIP tickets for the lucky winners. Please include RISQ Fashion Show facebook account link in your profile picture (http://www.facebook.com/risqfashionshow).

Speaking of the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show Organizer, I got to interview them. It was nice to see vibrant and young people behind the set, organizing this event with such passion. They have such high hopes for the event that it made me more excited to watch the show. Check this out!

*Special Thanks to Ryan Cochan for the great video!

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