When we went to Italy, I remember that our breakfast was composed of freshly baked croissants and other pastries and a cup of tea or coffee. Going to Alexandre in Megamall reminded me of these delightful pastries.

I researched and looked for the man who started this shop that reminded me of our breakfast. It was interesting to read the story about the man behind Alexandre, Alexandre Micheals. He mentioned that coming to the Philippines was a complete leap of faith. He says, “You must overcome your fear of failure. One must either be a little crazy or very confident to take this leap of faith!”

Alexandre Michaels Story

When you enter Alexandre, you would see the numerous pastries in the counter. They also serve light snacks and dishes, which you can order for in-between-meals cravings.


DW choosing his own pastry!

Alexandre window

Alexandre Pastries

Alexandre Quiche

Alexandre Quiche

My favorite among the pastries that they have would be the Pain au Chocolat (Chocolate Croissant). This is amazing especially after you heat it. The chocolate melts in your mouth. Each piece is at Php 50. I find it though a little expensive for the size of the croissant.
Alexandre Almond, Chocolate and Butter Croissants

Alexandre Almond, Chocolate and Butter Croissants

They also have Almond Croissants (Php 55) and plain Butter Croissants (Php 30).

Aside from the Chocolate Croissants, my next choice would be the Norwegian Cinnamon Bun (Php 49). It’s more firm than the bread like cinnamon rolls that we are used to, but I like it because it has just the right amount of sweetness. All these pastries I have mentioned go well with tea or coffee.

Alexandre Norwegian Cinnamon Roll

Alexandre Norwegian Cinnamon Roll

Alexandre offers not only pastries and the light snack and dishes that I have mentioned, but they also sell bread. Whole loaves of the different kinds of bread that they sell range from Php 95 to Php 200.

Alexandre Bread and Pastries

Alexandre Bread and Pastries


I’m glad that there is a place like Alexandre where we can get quality pastries. Try their products and tell us what you think!
Alexandre Take Out

Contact details:

Bonifacio Global City Branch
31st St. cor. 1st Avenue
Taguig, Philippines, 1634

Megamall Branch
3rd floor at the Atrium

Email: alex@alexandre.ph
Phone Number: (632)4032907
Website: http://alexandre.ph

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3 Responses

  1. Jan

    I had a very unpleasant experience with Alexandre earlier today. We heard a lot of good reviews about the restaurant so we decided to try it out but sadly, the very good ratings were all too good to be true! Their cappuccinos and lattes were served cold. Their hot chocolate tasted like instant powder and was not hot either. Their water was the only thing they got right. Their lasagna bolognese and 4 cheese pizza were both very bland and tasteless! We requested for parmesan cheese and chili flakes to go with the pizza to at least give it a little bit of flavor but it still didn't taste right! To make matters worse, we were even charged P45 for a small serving (probably only two pinches) of parmesan cheese, which we only requested since their food was really tasteless! We wouldn't have objected to paying such an absurd amount, which was actually the same price for a piece of their macaroon, if they have informed us that they would be charging us. Misinforming us about the charge is one thing, but don't these condiments always come free at other restaurants? Alexandre is either too greedy or they are not profiting at all to desperately charge for these small requests!

  2. Gina

    Alexandre is disappointing! I bought several kinds of bread in their fort store, expecting good baguette. It was hard and similar to cheap grocery baguette. Tsk. Tsk.


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