Korean cuisine, like the now ubiquitous Koreanovela, has injected its way into the local scene. As a foodie, this is definitely something to be celebrated as each new influence can only enrich the foodie cornucopia we call Manila.

Minato is one such example, embedded in a small community of Korean stores, it sits beside a Korean car seat manufacturer and a small Korean grocery. Upon entering, it looked like any normal resturant with seats and tables. We were a big group though so we were taken to another part of the resto that had traditional Korean furnishings. To eat, we had to sit on mats on the floor. This lended a nice unique feel for the place that sets it apart from other Korean BBQ restos.

Minato Korean Barbecue Tables

The grills involved real live hot coals. The waitresses were experts in handling the metal grills and coal containers, though so no worries (although I still was a little worried).

Minato Korean Barbecue Coals

True to Korean custom, the side dishes were plentiful and virtually bottomless.

Minato Side Dishes

My favorite entree was the spare ribs. It was quite sweet and heavy. It went very well with the sticky rice.

Minato Spareribs P350

Minato Spareribs P350

All the main dishes were quite flavorful, the ingredients (especially the letuce leaves) were fresh. I would say that Minato is one of the better Korean BBQ restaurants out there.

Price per person: P300
Location: Escriva Drive, behind UA&P

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