There was virtually limitless Hennessy – of all the mixes, our favorites were Hennessy with Apple, with Ginger Ale, and with Soda. The nice thing about Hennessy and what probably comes as a surprise to many people – Hennessy Artistry is pretty smooth. It went well with a lot of mixes, giving a nice solid kick.

The music also did not disappoint. Virtuoso performances from Kjwan, Pupil, and True Faith all kept everyone dancing and thumping their feet to the beat.

Hennessy Artistry Kjwan Boogie Romero Marc Abaya
Hennessy Artistry Pupil Ely Buendia
Hennessy Artistry True Faith Medwin Marfil

A big part of the show was when all three bands played music simultaneously, mixing genres and styles to come up with a new sound that everyone really enjoyed.

Hennessy Artistry Marc Buendia with True Faith

Here are all our pictures:

It was too bad that we had to leave. We didn’t get to hear International DJs Laura Pope and
Rasmus Faber. Remember, this will be an annual event so watch-out for the next one around the same time next year!  See you! And try out Hennessy Artistry!

For more details, check out or Hennessy Artistry Manila Facebook Fanpage.

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