Christmas is coming and I know that there will be quite a number of moms out there who will be so stressed. I got a married a year ago, and one of the things that comes with the commitment is a Christmas list that doubles up during the holidays. Looking for gifts and at the same time preparing for the in-house party celebrations could be quite a handful of things to juggle. It’s a good thing that I still have my mom and mother-in-law to do all those preparations.

The Cucina

The Cucina

I just recently saw this website,, and the concept of this website is great. They cook meals for families, then you can pick it up or they can deliver it to your homes with additional delivery costs. I remember my mom having dishes prepared by a lady in one of the villages in Makati. She would pick it up and this is what she would serve for dinner, lunch or for parties. In this day and age of the internet, The Cucina took the opportunity of advertising this special service and took their products to the web.

The Cucina is a home based food service business which was started by three people: Raphael Calma, Jay Angeles and Mil Prado. The idea started when Raphael invited his childhood friend, Jay, who has been cooking since they were still in elementary and Mil, a classmate in UA&P, to start The Cucina. Jay is a graduate of Business Management in DLSU, and is currently a culinary student at The International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. Mil is the design and marketing expert, while Raphael handles the structure and accounts of the business.

The Cucina Linguini a la Vongole

The Cucina Linguini a la Vongole

Linguini a La Vongole 2

We got to try one of their dishes. It was the Linguini a la Vongole (Php 940). It came in an aluminum container, and was still hot when it got to our home in Quezon City. We had the dish delivered. We were excited to try it, so by the time it arrived, we dug into the pasta right away. The pasta itself was al dente. The sauce was just of the right amount, as expected from a “pasta alle vongole”, since the sauce would be made out of olive oil and garlic. The clams that was mixed was substantial enough that all five members of the family will be able to taste the clams. The dish was prepared with tomatoes (in rosso). I’m a tomato lover so I like it that way. The dish was delicious.

I’m excited to try out the other dishes that they have. I just wished though that they make the dish more affordable. The dishes are a little expensive for a cooked meal to be enjoyed at home.

If you want to let go of the hassle of preparing dishes for a party or for your family this Christmas season or for any other occasion, you can let The Cucina do the job for you.

Contact Details:
The Cucina


For Orders:
Raphael Calma
Mobile – 09175548220
Tel Number – 2176260

For Inquiry:
Jay Angeles- 09178101275
Miliza Prado- 09163657069

Order at least two days in advance
Minimum order good for five
Payment upon delivery

Pick Up:
East Capitol, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Deliveries and Plating Service at Extra Charge


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    • ginger

      That’s great to hear, The Cucina! I hope a lot of people would get to try your Linguini a la Vongole! :) ~ Ginger


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