Hi bloggers! Here’s a little something that you can join. Get to win Php 3000 for the best article about MiLi Products!

MiLi Power Crystal

MiLi Power Crystal

MiLi Blogger Promo Mechanics

1. This online activity will be open to all bloggers or site owners who are residents of the Philippines that own a mobile phone of any brand.

2. Promo period will run from November 24 to December 22, 2010.

3. To qualify to join the contest, the blogger / writer has to do the following

a. LIKE the MiLi Facebook Fanpage

b. Change your facebook status to “MiLi Power Banks for any Mobile Phone” and tag the MiLi Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people

c. Add the logo of MiLi to your site as a widget (code can be found in MiLiPhil.com); it should be there during the duration of the promo. It should link to the mechanics page on MiLi’s Website.

4. Contest Proper:

a. The blogger/writer should write an original article on the power packs or the universal charger of MiLi. The article should feature the Power Crystal/Miracle or the Universal charger (or all of the three products). It should have the keywords, “Mili” and “Mobile Power Solutions” in the article. Links to be used for both keywords are http://MiLiPhil.com.

b. The post/article should be shared in Facebook.

c. After following these steps, please fill up this validation form (http://manilareviews.com/mili-bloggers-promo/). Only contestants with filled up forms will qualify for the promo. All contact details will be owned by the exclusive distributor of MiLi in the Philippines and will not be used for any other purpose.

5. The entries shall be judged by MiLi representatives. The most creative article will win 3,000 pesos. The top referring site of MiLiPhil.com will win a MiLi Power Crystal/Miracle. We will get the statistics of the top referring site from our analytics.

6. Winners will be announced on December 30, 2010.

MiLi also has a contest for all fans and readers. Check out the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo! Check out the full mechanics at: Mechanics of the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo

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