Another Reason to be Proud to be Pinoy

Talented people from the Philippines are everywhere. No matter where they are in the world, Filipinos never fail to impress people from other countries, with their passion and talent. The same can be said about the 4 Filipino contestants who joined the latest season (season 4) of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA). Our TARA Philippine representatives are Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera and Jess and Lani.

It was always a dream to be part of the Amazing Race Asia. Sadly, I haven’t had the time and the guts to audition. I was therefore ecstatic when we were invited to the live viewing of two episodes of the Amazing Race Asia Season 4. I was happy, too, to have met our country’s representatives.

Thanks so much to the City of Legazpi and Misibis Bay Resort that my husband and I had the opportunity to watch the rerun of Episode 5. That episode had the pit stop in Legazpi City and Misibis Bay Resort. We also got to watch the telecast of Episode 6.

The Philippine Representatives for The Amazing Race Asia Season 4

The Philippine Representatives for The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 (The Richards and Lani together with Ginger of Manila Reviews and Chay Batac, Friend)

“The Richards”, as they are fondly called by their fans is one of the two Philippine teams. Richard Hardin is a 34 year old Pro Basketballer, while Richard Herrera, who is 31 years old is an Actor. Both of them have good looks and are both quite athletic. What makes them stand out though is the very charming personality that they both have. During this rare opportunity when I got to meet them personally, they were very hospitable and they were good hosts, which is typical of every Filipino.

The second pair were two girls, Jacinta James (Jess) who is 27 years old and a Tattooist and Lani Pillinger, also 27 and a Model. They were branded to be the “Party Girls” in the Season 4 of The Amazing Race Asia. I had the opportunity to meet Lani, and she was a very sweet girl. Don’t let this fool you though as you could also see that she was ready to face the challenges that this race would bring.

Upon meeting these contestants, they were people that I would say should make us proud to be Pinoys. Behind the accent and the foreign intonation, they were true blooded Filipinos who were so proud to proclaim that they are from the Philippines, here to reprezent!

Tara na at mag-cheer! Will they win this season? Find out soon. Watch The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 and cheer for the “Richards” and the “Party Girls!” Go Pinoy!

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