We want our food to, not only tast special, but to look special, as well. In World Banger’s Haute Dog, they make the hotdog or sausage you buy taste and look delicious.

World Bangers Haute Dog

We went to the World Banger’s Huate Dog store at the Power Plant mall. It was one of the restaurants in Power Plant at the lowest level of the mall. My husband was hungry, so we wanted to buy something just enough to keep him full until dinner (since it was two hours before dinner). They had so many hotdogs to choose from. We ordered the hotdog will chile con carne, cheese, bacon (wrapped the sausage) and onion toppings.

World Bangers Hotdog

Each dish at World Banger’s Haute Dog came with side dishes. We ordered french fries. The hotdog was delicious. The meat was really packed and filling. The bread was okay. The sauce was also delicious. World Banger’s Haute dog served their dishes hot and fresh.

World Bangers Haute Dog table

The only thing that we wish World Banger’s Haute Dog would improve on is the cleanliness of the store. I guess since it is a self service store (you order at the counter and wait for your number to be called), the waiters are normally inside the store. Other than that, we had a pretty good experience with eating at World Banger’s Haute Dog.

Contact Details:
Lower level of the Power Plant Mall
Rockwell, Makati City

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