We love the Red Velvet cake of Karen’s Kitchen that is being served at UCC. It was voted as one of the top 24 desserts by the Philippine Daily inquirer.
UCC Red Velvet Cake

The outer layer was lined with thick and creamy white chocolate. The chocolate cake had a hint of cherry flavor. The two layers of the chocolate cake had a white chocolate and strawberry layer in between it. It was made by Karen’s Kitchen.

Karen’s Kichen have other desserts that you might want to try. They have other cakes, frozen desserts and a lot more.

If you have time, do drop by UCC and have a slice of Karen’d Kitchen Red Velvet Cake.

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Karen’s Kitchen
Website: karenskitchen.com.ph

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  1. Wanderlust About Tow

    The white frosting is actually cream cheese frosting that is an important feature of a Red Velvet cakes. I think Karen's Kitchen makes one of the best Red Velvets in Manila and was quite happy that they're now offered by UCC.

    Check my blogpost re: Karen's Kitchen red velvet in UCC for more details: http://wanderlustabouttown.blogspot.com/2010/07/w

  2. foodieforever

    Just came from New York where I had shamelessly gone on a city-wide red-velvet-cake binge…too yummy! I arrived in Manila this week and was ecstatic to discover that UCC (one of the better dessert places in town, IMO) is now offering a red velvet cake! Promptly bought one (P190 per 3-inch cake) and was sorely disappointed. This tasted like a totally different dessert!!! I couldn't quite identify the cake's flavor and found the icing too cloying. Good thing my boyfriend was there to finish the cake. On the plus side, the cake looked cute.

    The search continues…


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