Sometimes the simple things in life capture our attention. The more simple it is visually, the more we are attracted to it. That’s probably the reason why we have minimalists. We had love at first sight with a simple yet very delicious cake recently.
Cocoa Loco 00003
Cocoa Loco was one of the booths at the Eastwood Gourmet Market. I saw the simple designs of the pastries that they had from afar. I think I was hypnotized by the swirls made out of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

I immediately bought just to try the Chocolate Fondue Cake. They were selling two cupcake like containers in a box for Php 110. The whole Chocolate Fondue Cake Classic was at Php 499. Honestly, I had no intention of eating a lot. I was planning to take a spoonful and that was it.

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Fondue Cake Classic

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Fondue Cake Classic

The minute I sank my spoon into the cup, I knew this was only my first spoon. The chocolate sauce on top was layered thickly. I thought it was just to puddle of sauce but it was actually a pool of sauce. The chocolate cake was very moist that it melted on your mouth. I got to finish half of the cupcake size cake, just because I controlled myself … really controlled myself. The funny thing about it is that there was not a point that you would get tired of the sweetness. It had no “umay” factor.

Eric Angeles makes other cakes as well. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to try the other cakes on his list. He has Biggie Nutella Ensaimadas (box of 4) at Php 499, Chocolate Leche Flan at Php 399, Dark Chocolate Fondue Cake at Php 499, Decadent Butterfinger Torte at Php 650, Food for the Goddess Cake at Php 550, Banana Reese Cake at Php 499 and a lot more.

We might get to try these other cakes and pastries in the future so watch out for more reviews on Cocoa Loco.

Contact Details:
Cocoa Loco by Eric Angeles
Tel. No.: 2113015
Mobile no.: 09178903189
*Cake prices are based on 2 sizes: 1 whole cake (8 inch by 10 inch or 9 by 9 inch)

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