There is a new and cute social networking site being visited by Pinoys! It’s called Moshi Monster and the site to visit is

Signing up into the site involves choosing the Moshi Monster that you want to take care of. You can choose from 6 cute monsters: Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet and Luvli.

Choose your Moshi Monster

Choose your Moshi Monster

You can change their color and personalize your monster. You will have to change your monster pet’s name afterwards. I named my pet Hairypotpot.

Naming your Moshi Monster

Naming your Moshi Monster

Your monster will have his or her new home. Rox is the currency in Monstro City. You may buy furniture and wallpaper and even invite friends. You may rate homes and your friends may also rate your home. You may visit the city to meet new Monster friend and work in different places to earn Rox. By playing the games, you may earn Rox.

Moshi Monster Dress up your room

Moshi Monster Dress up your room

This game looks like Petville in facebook. The characters are not similar but the structure of the game is very similar. Moshi Monsters though is in a separate platform while Petville is a facebook game. When you avail of the free trial, you will have limits on the places that you can go to in Monstro City and in the games that you can play. If you become a paying member of the community, you will have access to all the places and access to purchasing a lot of stuff in Monstro city. The rates to become a member are as follows:

Moshi Monster: How to be a Member

Moshi Monster: How to be a Member

You can try it out and see if you’d like to adopt a Moshi Monster! Tell us what you think!

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12 Responses

  1. Sally

    you know what you can do? you can type 25836 and then type 5 random numbers just make sure no bdy used the 5 randoms if it deny then type 5 other diffrent random numbers.

    1st step: Sign in
    2nd step: when your signed in completly then go to membership
    3rd step: When you reach membership go to join now!
    4th step: Scroll down and press no credit card
    5th step: after that type down 25836 then 5 random numbers

    – If it denys then type down 5 new random numbers!
    – Don’t repeat the same one all over

    Hope this was helpful

    oh by the way this is a rip off i wanted to see the online buying magazine i hearde its cheaper on line i think :-)

  2. Aprilrosesicat

    i just want to ask.. where can i buy tie card here in the philippines.. plsss…

  3. cutyprincess

    where can i buy moshi monster membership card? Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Charlotte Sharon Aninion-de Gu

    Where can we buy the moshi monster membership card? Do they sell them at Toy R’ Us in Robinson’s Galleria? Thanks :-) My daughter really wants to become a member, and I just don’t like online transactions :-)

  5. Malonzo_vanessa

    how can i have moshlings? i dont know how pls help!
    my account is 
    thea120404 thanks

  6. Princess ria

    They guys if u need help add me melody0422082692
    And i promise ill tell u an acount

  7. ej

    Hey, Patricia! Thanks for the comment. I just planted seeds in my garden so I don't have moshlings yet! :)

    That's a good question. Let's try to inquire with them. I hope they answer!

    Thanks for the info!

  8. patricia

    i've been playing moshi monsters for a few days and got really interested in moshlings. i got frustrated however when i learned that i can only keep two in my house if i'm not a member. i don't have paypal and i've read that in some other countries, there are stores that sell memberships? like toys'r'us? is there any other way to become a member without using paypal here in the Philippines like purchasing a card or something? :D


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