My mom one day asked me to study cooking. I completely shoved off the idea. I think some of us are really born bakers and chefs. My sister for one cooks and bakes amazing dishes, and I am a ‘gifted taster’. I appreciate and have the adventurous spirit of tasting and looking for new dishes and knowing the story behind them. One of the gifted ‘baker-moms’ I have met in this journey is Ms. Jaye Viduya, the woman behind the Dulce De Leche Ensaymadas.

Through her training in San Francisco, California, she acquired and enhanced this God-given talent to establish Perfect Endings Manila, Inc. The Dulce De Leche Ensaymadas are her specialty.

Perfect Endings Dulce De Leche Ensaymada

Perfect Endings Dulce De Leche Ensaymada

The ensaymada was soft and had a liberal topping of cheese. What makes it unique is the sweet dulce de leche filling. The filling was like yema inside a well-made ensaymada. Just taking one of this with coffee or tea would be a filling afternoon snack. A box of 6 pieces is at Php 200.
Perfect Endings Dulce De Leche Ensaymada filling

They also bake different kinds of cakes – White Chocolate Canache cake, Dulce De Leche cake, Perfect Double Chocolate cake, Carrot cake, Moist Ube cake, etc. Other pastries like cookies and cupcakes are also available.

So if you’re looking for a sweet treat, you cannot go wrong with the Dulce De Leche Ensaymada! from Perfect Endings.

Contact Details:
Perfect Endings
#4 Quiogue Street,Villa Susana, Caniogan,Pasig City,Philippines, 1604
Office: (632) 643.4882
Telefax: (632) 643.8528
Mobile: (0922) 866.1971
Website: Click HERE

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