They say that if a pregnant woman does not have cravings, they pass it on to their husbands and the husbands are the ones who crave for food and unusual stuff. I think this is true, and I think my husband is the one who has cravings.

When we entered the elevator of the Holiday Inn, going up to our room, we saw this poster:

It looked really yummy so my husband said that we would order it for dinner! When dinner came, we went to Bar One. It was a really cozy place with a few people who were listening to good lounge music. We called the waiter to order the big burger and he said that it could be delivered to the room. We went up to the room and after 30 minutes, the doorbell rang. The waiter pulled in the dinner tray table and OMG! This was the biggest burger I have ever seen!

The burger was the size of one whole big plate! It was cut into seven big slices. No wonder the waiter downstairs at One asked us if how many plates should be brought up.

The burger had 2 pounds of pure beef patty, a layer of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, onions and a think layer of mozzarella cheese. It costs Php 850 (vat exclusive). The burger was delicious but of course we couldn’t finish it. We had most of the slices packed in a container so we could bring it home the next day.

Contact Details:
Bar One
Tel. No. 6337111 loc. 7418
You can use the entrace in the 5th floor of Galleria to go to Bar One (the entrace along the Seeker’s Cove and some jewelry shops)

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    • EJ Arboleda

      Well you can consider that they’re in both. They’re basically the same complex as Galleria anyways. We were staying in Crowne and we had the burger delivered via room service to our room. :)


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