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It’s Halo-Halo season once again and of course, to beat the heat, we went to have it at Chowking. Aside from the Halo-halo and the Buchi that my dear husband was craving earlier that day, we saw quite interesting new additions to Chowking’s menu while browsing through the menu. It is such a pity that not a lot of people know about these new dishes since it was worth the visit.

Orange Chicken Rice

Imagine, they have this already in their menu. I thought this would never come. As a little girl, what I remember most about Chinese restaurants is the Lemon Chicken dish that they would always have on their menu and that my lola would always order. I’m glad that Chowking came out with their own version by making it Orange Chicken, instead of Lemon. It was pretty good. It was breaded and fried Chicken strips with a sweet orangy sauce topped to it. The sauce was substantial and the rice was quite plentiful. I think it was even more than one cup. This dish was sold at Php 84.

For the lauriat lovers, this dish also has its Orange Chicken Lauriat with Coke. The lauriat was served with kropek, buchi and crispy noodles (also my favorite!). This cost Php 114, cheaper than the KFC’s fully loaded meal (which is also one of my frequently ordered lunch meeting meals).

Chicken Supreme

This dish is what you have to try! I love it! I love Chicken and the was they cooked this dish and the sauce is to die for. The chicken is cooked in a way that the skin is crispy and crunchy (without thick breadings) and the meat, when cut is really tender and juicy. Even without the sauce, it is flavorful. The sauce is a bit peppery, a bit sweet with a little hint of vinegar. It was a good compliment to the chicken; a refreshing break from the usual ketchup and gravy (but come to think of it, it would still taste good with ketchup). The dish costs Php 105 and it also came in Salu-salo servings.

For those who haven’t tried the Halo-Halo yet of Chowking, you should try it. It comes in three sizes: Fun size at Php 29, Regular size at Php 49 and Fiesta size at Php 79. If you order it with ice cream, you will have to add an additional Php 10. They lowered the price of the scoop from Php 15.

For those with simple tastes and who do not want the intricacies of having lots of ‘sahogs’, do try the Mango Tapioca. It is a dessert with crushed ice, mango bits, sago and mango syrup mixed with milk with a cherry on top. If you do not want it to be too sweet, you can tell the cashier not to put too much syrup. They can do that for you. The dessert costs Php 39.

Kuddos also to the service that they rendered. The staff was friendly and the stores now are clean. A far cry from the Chowking that weused to know. Just a bit of advice, the menu board where the dishes are placed, are quite complicated to read. The prices are scattered and the types of dishes, if it a main course or a salu-salo variant or a lauriat variant is not indicated. We even couldn’t find the Buchi on the menu board dessert section.

So hurry and visit or call the Chowking that we always loved!

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