Ang Larong Nakakaaliw at Nakakabaliw


The market is ripe for a Pinoy gameboard. We’ve been making crazy parlor games on the fly that are almost impossible (or just no fun) to play in another language – Pinoy Henyo, Pass the Charades, Hep-hep-hooray just to name a few. It was just a matter of time before the fun-starved Pinoy got what he wanted.

And boy, did this game deliver. We were laughing from start to finish. Granted, the rules were just a little bit too complicated so we had to make our own, but we still had fun.

So how did we play it? The game comes with a couple of wheels that have the most random tagalog words: Masustansya, Malaki, Kadiri-to-death, Bagets, Sexy, Maasim, etc etc etc.


You also have 10 cards from a pile of the best pinoy words: Tawas, Zuma, Acebedo Optical, etc etc etc.


So what happens is you spin the 2 wheels and then you choose which of your cards match the 2 descriptions best. For example, when we were playing, the wheels stopped at Maasim & Makunat. The words played were “Madre, Tita, and Brief.” The words are played face down, shuffled, and then all opened. This is so the players don’t know who played which cards (except their own of course).

What happens next is that you vote (with the Boto Ko cards) on the word that best matches the 2 wheel words — all at the same time and you can’t vote for your own word. The word with the most votes wins. In our rules, you win when you have the most points. Simple and quick.

My creation

We bought the game to see if Pinoys really could come up with a game that could match all the Guesstures, Craniums, and Pictionaries out there. Guess what? We could. :)

Mismo Website
The game can be found in Hobbes & Landes, Books for Less, Papemelroti, La Monja Loca sa Intramuros, Handog Giftshop UP Shopping Center, Camp John Hay (Baguio). See more in their website.

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