The Original Hamburger


That is the diner’s tagline. I think each of us would have our own concept of what the original hamburger would be. Probably, for most of us, it would still be either Jollibee or McDonalds. But to help you understand the origins of the “hamburger”, I will quote some facts from a page from Johnny Rocket’s site:

– The hamburger originated with the Mongolian and Turkish tribes (known as Tartars) who began shredding beef to enhance the flavor.
– May is National Hamburger Month.
– The hamburger’s original name was “Hamburg Steak.”
– Johnny Rockets served its first hamburger on June 6, 1986. All Johnny Rockets’ hamburgers are made with fresh, 100% beef patties and are hand-pressed and grilled to perfection.
– The Guinness Record for most hamburgers eaten within ten minutes was 21 burgers including the buns, each weighing 98 grams.

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Johnny Rockets just opened its first outlet here in Manila, Philippines this third quarter 2009. It was built in the new Eastwood mall, ground level. The ambiance would give you the typical ‘diner’ atmosphere with the jukebox where people can play music.

For the menu, they of course serve hamburgers, which have 1/3 pound 100% pure ground beef, seasoned and grilled. Prices range from Php 285 for the Original to Php 595 for Smoke House Double. They also have starters, other types of sandwiches, like the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich at Php 385. They also have mini trios (sliders, hotdogs and chili cheese dogs), salads and beverages (shakes, etc.).


I had the Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich. I liked the unique taste it had. It was a bit “pepper-y”. The juice of the chicken would get squeezed out with every bite. I like how the chicken breast was grilled. It was not over cooked or under grilled. I had it with salad instead of fries (you are given the choice to match it with bottomless salad or fries).


The salad was not that exceptional. I had it with Honey Mustard sauce. The Fries were really ‘potato like’ and not very oily, although feedback from our family was that it was a bit bland. The onion rings were mostly flour — almost just 1 onion layer thin within the batter — but enjoyable crunchy and tasty. Ketchup was served differently. They would give you small containers with a happy face drawn using ketchup. This is the container that you would use to fill with ketchup from the pump container placed at your table already.

johnny rockets sides

I would say that this is a good diner to go to when you are not on a tight budget since the burgers are pretty pricey. Also, the relaxed atmosphere and the non pretentious food makes this a good place to for a nice weekend dinner with the family.

Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall
Across Il Pirata

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