A Picnic Feast

This restaurant is a brand new concept (4 days old) from the Chef’s Quarter group (Chef’s Quarter at Megamall and Old Vine in Eastwood Mall). I love the ambiance of this restaurant — the wooden chairs & tables and the patches of wooden walls made the place feel homey and cozy. There are also tables outside, over looking the fountain area of Eastwood. The chairs there looked very comfortable and apt for late night drinking and chatting. The idea behind this restaurant is that they wanted the meal to feel like a picnic with the family.
Uncle Cheffy

The service was very good. The waiters were constantly refilling our glasses of water and bottomless iced tea. The staff also understood their food so they confidently made recommendations when we asked them.

The menu is also worth noting because each dish had a corresponding picture! The first page featured the oven baked pizza (panizza) – probably one of their specialties. We ordered the Cheese, Cheese and Cheese Pizza, upon the suggestion of Larry, the owner.

For our main course, we ordered 5 dishes: the Memphis BBQ US Beef Finger (P595/800g), the Blue Marlin, the Tuna Belly, the Hawaiian Duck BBQ (P120/100g) and the Mushroom and Brown Rice Pilaf (P295).

The Pizza was really good. I mean REALLY good. It was a rectangular-shaped thin-crust pizza. This all cheese pizza is a combination of different cheeses — mozzarella, cheddar, brie, and some other cheeses I can’t recall right now. It’s served with alfalfa, chopped tomatoes (salsa-like) and arugula. You eat it by wrapping these ingredients inside the pizza and then rolling it. It was heavenly! This is the best cheese pizza I have tasted so far.

Uncle Cheffy

The Blue Marlin is served with an herb butter on top that you have to spread. It’s served with Rice Pilaf which complimented the taste of the fish. I liked this dish, while EJ liked the Tuna Belly with Arugula and Tomato Salad. The tuna belly had a sauce which used mayonnaise as base.

Uncle Cheffy
Uncle Cheffy

The Hawaiian Duck BBQ was good, but we still liked the original one that we tasted in Chef’s Quarter and Old Vine.

Uncle Cheffy

The menu says the Memphis BBQ US Beef Finger is 1000g — 1 kilo! But it was more like 800g. The beef was tender and very flavorful. It’s good even without the sauce that comes with it! Perfect for sharing: good for 4 people.

Uncle Cheffy

It’s been a while since we really enjoyed a new restaurant experience. I highly recommend Uncle Cheffy’s @ the new Eastwood Mall.

2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall (far right side, facing the fountain)
tel. no: — 4702750 and 3837215 :)

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10 Responses

  1. Lestie

    we ate at uncle cheffy in eastwood mall last sunday. my son and i suffered a bout of FOOD POISONING after eating your grilled oysters. sorry but i just had to give others a fair warning. we were down with nausea and diarrhea for several days! please look into proper handling, quality and storage of food.

  2. beng arciga

    thanks ej. their food was okay, but really, the food alone doesn't make up the whole

    package…service is everything…it is to their credit that they gave out those survey slips,

    and my son was the one who filled it up…i just hope he gave really honest feedbacks! :)

  3. ej

    @beng: sad to hear that. you may also want to leave a comment on their facebook page so they get it. :) we're not affiliated with them in any way. ;-)

  4. beng arciga

    please provide some very basic coasters for your glasses.

    our tabletop was "watering"all over from the moisture

    coming from the cold drinks, and i would kindly request your service staff to wipe it off everytime.

    it was bothering. also, the staff were not fast enough in

    taking away the used plates, etc..it was just lying there for so long (i dion''t know if service was better inside).

    thank you.

  5. skitlles

    how do you contact this resto? ill file a complaint for bad food and service! ithe 2197025 isnt working. thanks

  6. ej

    nice! please vote for it in the thumbs-up/thumbs-down area below! :)


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