The cupcake craze has certainly taken over Manila and is never going away. Pinoys are known for their sweet tooth and the return of the cupcake in various flavors, shapes and forms are a welcome addition to our sugar laden diet. The kinds and flavors out there vary in size, shape, flavor and presentation but are most of the time exact mini versions of rich, indulgent cakes.

Enter FRUPCAKES. According to its multiply site, Frupcakes are “Simply put in an equation Frupcakes=Fr(uit)+(C)upcakes [Pronounced Fur-up-cakes not Froopcakes] Everybody say Fur-up-cakes!:D” I was intrigued. These cupcakes are all infused with fruits, which is what is missing in the cupcakes I have come across so far. What’s out there are usually fruit-flavored cupcakes but not like this one which includes real fruits in each cupcake flavor.

I ordered a sampler pack which had one of each flavor of Frupcakes. The transaction was all done online and through text and within a few days, the box of goodies was delivered to our office in Makati.

frupcakes packaging

The smell of freshly baked goodies was simply hard to resist. Opening the box, the Frupcakes looked like ordinary cupcakes but as the cliche goes, the proof of the pudding (or the cupcake in this case) is in the taste.It was hard to figure out which flavors to try first as there were no flavor list or flavor guide included in the box. Maybe this is something the owner should consider in the future.


Of the ten flavors, here are the standouts:

Mango Vanilla

frupcakesmango vanilla cupcake

The hubby and my brother found it too sweet. I found it to be just right and it instantly became my favorite. The cupcake however looked a lot like Cupcakes by Sonja’s Vanilla Sunrise cupcake but the inclusion of mango and the chunks you bite into provide a refreshing and sweet surprise to an already classic flavor.

PB and Banana

pb and banana cupcake

Imagine biting into warm banana bread that’s topped with peanut butter, a classic combination that’s been baked successfully into this handy bite-sized cake. The cupcake was moist and the smell of banana was strong and the black fibers typical of any banana baked pastry were plentiful. The peanut butter icing was just the right sweetness and texture. My hubby and brother are big fans.

Pineapple Meringue

pineapple meringue cupcake

It’s hard not to miss this cupcake. The meringue frosting was a stark contrast to the pastel colored icing and sprinkles of the other cupcakes. This however is the test group’s (this being me, my hubby and my youngest brother) ultimate favorite. The meringue icing was a surprise, it was very light and just had the right sweetness. The pineapple chunks inside the cupcake were still juicy and chewy. My husband is not a fan of pineapples infused in food in general as he finds the flavor too overpowering so he was pleasantly surprised that he absolutely enjoyed this cupcake.
The entire cupcake was very light and just had the right hints of sweetness. It was a perfect end to a heavy dinner we had when we started testing the frupcakes.

The other flavors were just as good but these three stood out from the rest of the pack. The sampler pack including delivery was only Php550 pesos. Ordering these was a breeze and the owner, Clarissa Banaag was very easy to talk to.

the looove cupcakepear coffee cupcake

the loooove cupcake, pear coffee cupcake

sampler pack from frupcake

frupcakes sampler

For more information go to the Frupcakes website here and the complete flavor and price list is here

They also do cupcake towers for weddings, birthdays and baptisms. They even do anniversary/love cupcake specials where the cupcakes are personalized with greetings for a loved one. Cute!!

Contact Details:
Clarissa Banaag

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