Over at Chuvaness , a flurry of comments and stories are being exchanged regarding Chuvaness’ (aka Cecile Zamora Van Straten) experience with a cashier at Breadtalk Megamall who charged her without ringing up her purchases first. When the purchases were entered into the register, it turns out the total the cashier mentally calculated was eight pesos over.

Be sure to read not just the post but the comments as well and you could see how seemingly innocuous slip-ups like this are actually well-planned schemes. My dad once told me that when cashiers ask me if it’s ok that my change is short even by a centavo that I should always say no. Centavos add up and at the end of the day, someone (it may not even be the cashier) could pocket what is not rightfully theirs.

I have a bad habit of just paying whatever is asked from me without looking at my change or the receipt especially when I’m in a rush only to find out that I’m missing 20, 30 pesos (maybe even more) I don’t bother going back to the store anymore just to avoid the hassle but come to think of it, I should have.

Moral of the story? Only pay AFTER the cashier rings up your stuff and to always check your receipt.

Here’s the post by Chuvaness:

Somebody has got some explaining to do

I hate to be the whistle blower against people who need jobs, but being a business owner who has experienced one too many inside jobs, I feel like I have to warn other business owners about thievery within their stores.Last June 17, I went to Breadtalk in Megamall to buy baon for my son. I was second in line at the cash register. While the cashier was ringing up the person in front of me, she took a look at my tray and said, “One hundred forty six pesos.”So I thought, wow! Mathemagician! How did she ring that up in her head. I was impressed.I gave her the sackamount (exact amount) and she put my bread in little plastic bags and handed it to me.I was surprised, or rather suspicious that she didn’t ring up my purchases in the cash register, so the good citizen that I am, I asked for a receipt.That’s when she punched the items. Lo, and behold, the total was only Php 138, so she in fact had to give me back eight pesos I overpaid. And then she apologized. I gave her a really dirty look and made a mental note to blog it because corrupt cashiers are so annoying!!

You sure made my day! Someone please email this blog entry to Breadtalk.

So I vowed to blog small incidents of corruption from now on.

Sometime in May we received reports there were problems in our own store, so Jeroen and I were a little bit stressed. I sat down in Dulcinea, Rockwell to indulge in churros con chocolate. A few minutes later Jeroen plopped down on the banquette and ordered Diet Coke. When it was time to go, Jeroen asked for the bill. The waiter said, “It’s 200.”So I thought, wow, since when did we get a bill rounded off to 200 pesos. F*cking amazing.Jeroen paid up. When the receipt came, only the churros con chocolate were punched in. The Diet Coke was not and the waiter gave a few coins as change. He also mentioned the Diet Coke was not in the receipt. I wondered why.I smelled corruption, but Jeroen was not in the mood to dispute it as we were having problems of our own.(Unfortunately I did not keep the receipt of that incident. Next time I will.)

A couple of days later, we consulted a successful Chinese restaurant owner who told us there’s this racket he experienced where he caught staff selling their own canned drinks at the restaurant (with no receipts), so the business owners lose on the drink orders. No wonder one of Makati’s most happening bars lost business. Their waiters were selling their own bottles/drinks. When those ran out, only then would they sell the bar owners’ drinks at 1 AM.

The original post and the comments are found here: Somebody has got some explaining to do

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