Top 10 Questions Answered about “Effective Weight Loss” in 2020!

Weight management is becoming one of the utmost concern for people these days.

Prevalence of many cardiovascular events is common nowadays, which is mainly because of high blood cholesterol or high blood sugar level.

Everybody once in a while must visit a dietitian in order to evaluate their body mass index which suffixes your overall body health.

We asked some of the most important questions regarding weight maintenance from different health care professionals including doctors and dietitians.

Their answers could help us track our weight loss record as well as maintain our diet in a best possible way.

Every question signifies separate part of a healthy lifestyle in terms of planning a healthy diet.

Calorie Consumption per Day

Calorie Consumption

Question 1: How many calories should I be consuming each day?

Answer: Multiplying Ideal/Adjusted Body Weight by 14 will give you the amount of daily calorie intake.

For example, a man weighing 154 pounds should take 2156 calories (154 * 14) every day. It is only applicable if you perform slight workouts 2-3 times a week.

But if you want to lose weight, then you have to multiply it by the weight you want to achieve, not your current weight. More correct data can be assessed by a healthcare professional.

Ignore Yo-Yo Dieting

Ignore dieting

Question 2: Losing weight is more difficult than gaining, Why’s that?

Answer: First of all, after you lose a significant amount of weight, it is a clear fact that you also lose some muscles which lead your metabolic rate to the slower rate.

Strength gaining exercise can help you sustain throughout the weight loss period, but that’s not sufficient enough.

But when you once again put on some weight, you are more likely to have more fat than lean mass which significantly slows down your metabolic rate.

This is called Yo-Yo effect, a repeated loss and regain of body weight.

One has to be determined in maintaining the current weight before it goes down.

Unceasing yo-yo diet can damage the vital organs in your body which is not suggested by the health experts to every user.

Eat Slowly for Weight Loss

Question 3: Many diet plans say that you should eat slowly in order to lose weight, is it true?

Answer: Studies do not support the fact that eating slowly will allow you to eat any less.

However, it will assist you to have a proper joy of a meal. If you’re a fast eater, chances of weight gain become higher as the chime formation is not done in an agreed way.

Source: Anne M. Fletcher, Author of the books thin for Life, Eating Thin for Life and Thin for Life.

Overcome Food Cravings

Overcome Food Cravings

Question 4: Food cravings have always been a hindrance to my diet changes, how to make it stop?

Answer: If you are on a diet plan that is meant to cut down the calories, sure it does makes you weak in terms of food craving which is instinctual.

Some easy ways to overcome cravings are:

If you have got yourself a meal which you have been craving for, take a very small portion of it instead of a whole package.

Controlling the food portion can satisfy your craving as well as do not add many calories to your diet chart.

Secondly, keep those foods out of mind and out of your sight which knocks the door of temptations.

Avoiding Carbs completely can be Unhealthy!

Avoiding Carbs

Question 5: Cutting carbs are unhealthy according to many experts, but people are still doing it for weight loss, why?

Answer: Restricting a single food group permanently can be unhealthy.

Your body cannot function without carbohydrates for a longer period of time, these low carbs diets are designed for short-term use and are appealing to users mostly because of the faster results.

A study suggests that after 12 months of low carbs diet, there are no further benefits you can achieve from it.

Eating at Night can cause Weight Gain

Eating at Night

Question 6: Is it true that eating after 8 makes you gain pounds?

Answer: We need more calories when we are in active mode, while fewer calories when we are sitting idle or inactive.

It depends what you are doing at night while eating, if you are watching TV it surely needs more calorie intake which will be stored in the fat deposit.

My point is, what matters the most is how many calories you are burning the whole day and how many you are eating.

If the ratio is equal, then there is very less chance for you to gain weight.

Sometimes we starved whole day and got a chance to eat after 8, it will certainly not make you gain pounds.

Past Dieting won’t hurt your Metabolism

Past Dieting

Question 7: I spent a large portion of my life cutting calories and reducing fats. Has it damaged my Metabolism?

Answer: Not Certainly. Limiting your dietary intake for a long period of time can slow down your metabolism.

But as here it says done for a decade, your body might have become habitual of having fewer calories, so by increasing calorie intake you can certainly put on some extra pounds.

You can boost the metabolism by these two steps.

  • Changing eating habits: As your physical efforts increases, do increase your food intake. If what you are eating and burning is on the same line, chances of gaining weight are less likely.
  • Increase overall activity: It will elevate your metabolism markedly, plus if you add some strength gaining exercise you will build more muscles than normal.

Source: Elisa Zielf, R.D, American Diabetic Association.

Do not put up weight, Even after Summer!

Do not put up weight

Question 8: I lost weight in the summer, but I regained it in the fall, please help!

Answer: Dr. Jenna A. Bell Wilson explained very well about it.

In order to re-track yourself, you should think about the phase where you dropped weight at a very first place.

“ Whatever worked for you then will probably work for you in a maintenance phase,”

You can alter your diet (take meal once a day) or you can use portion controlled shakes for efficient weight loss.

You need to be mentally stable to walk in the weight loss footsteps.

This can be achieved when you take your diet changes as a second nature.

For example, women who successfully managed to shed pounds at the first time kept their diet the same way and never stepped backward.

How Sugar Affects Your Weight

How Sugar Affects Your Weight

Question 9: Is it right that eliminating sugar from your diet is helpful to weight loss technique?

Answer: Yes it can, most of the unhealthy calorie intake contains massive sugar content which is of course not good for health.

Sugar contains empty calories which should be the last thing you want to add to your dietary regimen.

It quenches the hunger too soon and makes you hungry in the same way, plus the fat storage is massive!

In order to replace this addictive sweetener, you must consume fruits are naturally sweet foods which contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Plus you should always be mentally alert to keep the unhealthy sugar out of your mind.

Diet Pills Safety

Diet Pills Safety

Question 10: Are diet pills and diet supplements regulated?

Answer: Mostly Yes, but many dietary supplement manufacturers do not comply with the same set of regulating laws.

In the law, it is clearly mentioned that the regulation of diet pills and over the counter diet supplement should be strictly monitored.

But only prescription diet pills comply with them, which is why they are considered tested drugs for weight loss in many cases.

However, there are some of the counter diet pills that are being sold without prescription such as PhenQ and Phen375.

These formulas are FDA approved and also sold OTC.

While there are other dangerous diet pills available that can be potentially dangerous for your health.