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Scam, Fraud?????

Beware; Do not buy it until you read this!

PhenQ is one of the famous dietary supplements and certainly, the first choice of any individual, who is willing to lose weight.

Phenq diet pills

(Surprisingly, now it is available on eBay)

Well with such popularity; searching, for its availability on the different stores or outlets like Walmart or GNC and online stores like eBay or Amazon seems absolutely natural.

Hence, it is the very question that our site does receive (thousands of emails).

The everyday question where people are curious to learn whether or not they can get PhenQ easily.

The most important and relevant question where should they buy it?

It undoubtedly the most frequent question that we receive and that is the very reason that our team decide to answer this frequent question once and for all.

Buy PhenQ diet pills

Bottom Line: you will get every relevant piece of information regarding the Purchase of this revolutionary supplement on eBay.

Will I be able to get PhenQ on eBay?

The answer is simple and One-word.

NO”, you cannot buy PhenQ on eBay.

Wait! What?

But there are people who claim to see PhenQ on eBay?

Buy Phenq at eBay

This is so confusing??????????????

We do agree that PhenQ on eBay available.

Unfortunately, those so-called PhenQ products are nothing but counterfeited and fake.

How can a platform like eBay sell fake products, it is not believable?

Well, we are not claiming that eBay is fake.

However, you need to understand the functionality of the eBay.

A little information about eBay:

it is a prominent website that has been working for almost two decades.

It is a reputable platform that is based in California.

There are millions of people, who have business accounts there and they can almost anything they want.

 eBay is a place where they do not restrict account holders to sell things except a few items (like drugs, ammunition etc) other than that almost all the things are available.

Moreover, eBay is basically a registered platform where anyone who has the verified email address, phone number and a verified payment method can sell things.

So basically, you will get the product after paying the charges but there is no check and balance on the Product quality.

Moreover, most of the people who are selling products on eBay, they are individual sellers.

Either who have purchased PhenQ in bulk through the official site or they are selling counterfeited products.

So, there is no link between these sellers and the original producers of PhenQ.

In addition, the price on eBay itself is skeptical and enough to make you doubtful.

What are the Drawbacks of buying PhenQ on eBay or PhenQ eBay?

Unluckily, there are some serious problems that you happen to encounter if you buy PhenQ on eBay.

Buy Phenq at eBay online

This idea fascinates many that they can buy PhenQ on eBay or PhenQ eBay.

However, here are a few drawbacks that you may face

1. Something weird about the Price:

Through different accounts, PhenQ on eBay is available.

However, the price has a significant fluctuation that is easily noticeable.

First of all, just suppose one thing, if someone tries to sell you a diamond in the one-third price of its market value or tries to sell you, your favorite car model at a very low price than its market price, don’t you get doubtful?

After all, there is no logic in selling a genuine product at a very low pricing and when you are not the original seller either then there must be some sort of hidden facts that seller does not want you to learn.

In the second scenario, the price is much higher.

In this case, the innocent buyers have two drawbacks, first, you do not know the quality, and second, why should you pay extra when the product is already available at a reasonable pricing through the official site?

2. Lack of facilities for buyers:

You can pay from the comfort of your home. You know eBay will refund you if you pay the price but you will not receive the product.

However, you do not have other facilities that you can avail like

3. Shipping charges:

PhenQ offers worldwide free delivery, no shipping charges but you need to pay extra shipping charges if you are buying through an online shopping platform.

4. Lack of Discount offers:

The original sellers do have discount offers and they also offer special discounted Packages.

However, you cannot simply avail these discount offers when you buy it from somewhere else.

5. No assurance of the quality:

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There is no doubt that today thousands of online stores are working and they are working pretty well.

However, they do not take any responsibility for the products that are available on their platform for sale.

In short, it indicates that you have no way to confirm the authenticity of the product that you are buying.

If it is something visible like furniture item or clothing, you can go through the details but in case of supplementation, you cannot say anything with a surety until you happen to use the product.

This is the very thing that the unethical sellers of online shopping platforms take advantage of!

6. No customer service facility:

These so-called online shopping platform sellers do not provide you the facility of customer service.

Why should they give you? They are acting as a middleman, they have sold you the product, you have received it. That is it.

Whereas the original site will still be in your touch even after you have received your product, they will be just a few clicks away from you.

Moreover, you will be able to contact them 24/7.

7. No refund policy:

The platform of eBay just secure your payment until you receive the product after that you do not have any coverage, neither from eBay nor from that unethical seller.

So, choose wisely!

What do you really want to do with your money, either you want to waste it or invest (spending money on yourself is kind of an investment) it?

On the other hand, the original website provides you the 60-day money back guarantee because they are sure about their product and that is why they can easily give you such a big relief in form of such guarantee!

Our Recommendation:

We have covered almost every necessary and relevant thing in this article and we would like to recommend you to go to the original website and buy PhenQ through the official sellers rather buying PhenQ on eBay or PhenQ eBay.

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