Enderun and Chef Marc Chalopin- Discover Cuisine

I am starving. Right now, here. In Enderun, after almost 1.5 hours of Chef Marc Chapolin's culinary exhibition, the scent of his cooking wafts up to us 6 rows away. His bouillabaisse has a delicious orange-lemon aroma. His sliced baguettes further makes my tummy grumble with that garlic. His provencal sauce looks so good and if Abet's reaction was any indication, also something to look forward to.
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Restaurant PatisserieIt's the love month once again and I've been asked for suggestions for date places for this Valentine's Day. A lot of those asking for suggestions are those who just want to have a simple,...
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There are a lot of new Filipino restaurants. One new restaurant right at the new Piazza in McKinley Hill is Kuse. Kuse is the local word for chef among the Tagalogs. The Kuse is incharge of organizing and...
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EchoStore – Now in Podium!

EchoStore has a new store now at the Podium. It's on the ground floor, near the escalator.Just went to their shop at Serendra this morning. Bought some lovely gifts for this Christmas. EJ and I will give...
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Sustainable LifestyleWe should all be thinking about how we can help save the environment already. The past storms (I can hardly keep track already) have already been a wake up call for us to try and do good...